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PostSubject: Icarus   Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:31 pm

Name: Icarus Craft

Roleplayed By: Tentilio {Pastel}

Blood Type: Only a selected few know this, but he’s a halfblood. It’s all thanks to his grandmother on his father’s side and grandfather on his mother’s side. His father’s mother was a halfblood while his mother’s father was a muggle-born. If someone was to ask, however, he’ll simply let them know that it’s none of their business. He personally hates how people seem to believe they’re entitled to know these things. They’re not. “Oh look at me! I’m a spoiled pureblood and I got to know if you’re a mudblood or not”. OH well in THAT case...

House: Slytherin. I hate to add another kid to this house, so sorry.

Age: Sixteen and in sixth year.

Birthday: March 12th.

Pet: The name’s ‘Feathers’ because Icky’s couldn’t be bothered to be too original. “A name’s a name” is his philosophy. In case you haven’t guessed yet, Feathers is an owl. He was bought mostly because Icky couldn’t get a dog and an owl was the next best thing. Icky had always wanted a dog. They were such loyal pets {a quality he admires} and truly ‘man’s best friend’. Unfortunately, however, stupid Hogwarts didn’t allow them. Therefore, he got an owl. They were simply better than toads or snakes or rodents. And cats? No way! They were the furthest thing from loyal and much too independent.

Although Feathers was supposed to be “the next best thing”, he quickly became Icky’s best friend. His only friend. That and his only family. The owl, however sad it sounds, is the only one he trusts. Humans? He knows he can’t trust them. They’re all simply out for themselves. But an animal? They’re very loyal and trustworthy. ‘Feathers’ is the only one he can talk to about his troubles. Even though he can’t talk back, it doesn’t matter. Talking to him still makes Icky feel better.

Wand: Ash, 11 inches, dragon heartstring. It’s quite springy.

Broom: He doesn’t have one, unfortunately. Flying isn’t really his thing.

Patronus: Despite what would be expected, a cat. The reason he dislikes them is probably because they closely resemble him.

Animagus: Nope. He’s not an animagus.

Amortentia: Bubble gum, a sweet familiar scent he just can’t name and the crisp air after a rain shower.

Boggart: Feathers dying. The bird’s both a friend and a family to him. Yet, he knows that owls don’t live too long. It’s guaranteed that he’s going to lose him soon and knowing that makes him more afraid. Everyone needs friends and a family; however Icky tries to pretend he doesn’t. Without Feathers, he’s not sure what he would do. UGH! How he loathes being dependent on someone like that.

-The outdoors
-Being independent
-Having a job
-Feeling accomplished
-When he’s successful at something
-Sugary food. You know, the ones that aren’t good for you.
-Angering/annoying people. It’s pretty fun.
-Getting good grades
-Being thought of as “smart”

-Being abandoned
-Being betrayed/back-stabbed
-Losing the ones he loves
-Being dependent on something
-Having to ask for help
-People who skip all their classes. If you’re not going to take Hogwarts seriously, then just leave. It’s not like anyone wants them there either.
-Humans in general. They’re all much too destructive and full of themselves. They think they’re the best thing on the planet. Riiight...

But Icky does have fun teasing them.
-Failing his grades
-Failing in general
-Big changes and having to cope with them
-Foster care

Icarus Craft never got to know his real parents. Not able to raise him, they abandoned him at a very young age. So what did that mean for the boy? Foster care, that’s what. His first foster family, Mr. And Mrs. Georges, turned him soft. He called them “daddy” and “mamma”, running up to hug them every time he got a booboo {once again, he was young...yeah}. They called him their baby and cooed him too. And he believed it. They were like the family he never had. The dreaded day soon came about, however, when they had to move to some other country {‘The United States’ or something lame like that}. He was put out. That was when it started to dawn on him: People’s words cannot be trusted.

And so Icky was transferred from family to family. It wasn’t supposed to be for long. His real family was supposed to fix their problems and adopt him again. That didn’t happen either. He had hopes, though. As a kid, he believed his parents would come and save him from the horrors of foster care. It certainly looked like they would with the way they kept writing to him, telling him that they loved him and that he was their little baby boy. It was yet another lie, he was sure, because they never came for him. He hated foster care. Just hated it. Nearly every year, he had to leave for a new house, family, school, city. New everything! He didn’t know how to cope with that, so he decided he wasn’t going to. He distanced himself from others and, instead of making friends with them, started messing with them, teasing them and taunting them.

He pushed all of his foster families to the last straw until they broke and he was transferred to the next. It was like a hobby to him, a game. How quickly can he force his new foster mother to move to Alaska? This pattern continued until he was eleven and received his letter. It took a while of the professor speaking to Ms. Fish {I know} and Ms. Fish warning the professor about the boy, but he was eventually enlisted in the magical wizarding school known as Hogwarts. He was pretty excited. One thing he hated about foster care was how behind it had him in school. He’d almost given up. He hated having to catch up on other students every year. He knew he was smart enough to be at the top of the class, though. He was surrounded by idiots, after all. Yet, Hogwarts was a new beginning. No need to catch-up to anyone and, if he worked hard enough, he could easily be the brightest student the school has ever known.

What can I tell you? The kid’s got ambition and boy does he work hard for his goals. There aint anything he wouldn’t do to excel. He’s going to ace {or Os} his upcoming N.E.W.T.s too. You’ll see.

Icarus Craft isn’t your average teenage guy. Average guys have friends, family members and whatnot. Icky has none. Why? Simple. He doesn’t want to. If his short life has taught him anything, it’s that humans are untrustworthy. They’ll backstab you, betray you and leave you in a second once they realize there’s something in it for them. That’s all people care about: them, themselves and them. You’ll never get far befriending people. All that’ll get you is a broken and hurt heart. Icky knows this. He’s not stupid. In fact, if his short life has given him anything thus far, it’s intelligence. If a person walks up to him, the first thing he would do is unravel the other’s intentions of doing so and keep it in mind throughout their conversation. He’s good at doing that too. Had a lot of practice. He’ll make accomplices or partners in crime, people he works with to obtain a shared goal. That would be the closest thing to a friend he has, as sad as that sounds.

One of Icarus’s most favourite hobby is messing with humans. From trying to anger them to pranks and trickery, he uses his knowledge of psychology in what he believes is a good cause. It’s his way of dealing with his insecurities. He’s more the ‘coping’ type. He has all these burdens and doesn’t know how to deal with them, so he just forgets and ignores them. He can’t befriend people, so he does the opposite and has fun while he’s at it. He’s been doing it for years. It’s like a game to him. Can he force that guy over there to scream like a girl? Or go blood-red in the face? In, lets say, five minutes? Well, he can certainly try and, if it works, get a good laugh out of it. Yes, psychology is quite hilarious indeed. Being the “coping” type, Icarus also bottles up his emotions. If someone utters something that hurts him? Or angers him? He’ll fake a laugh and pretend it didn’t.


Playby: Gaspard Ulliel. Yes, you’re all jealous. [/center]

One of the most distinguishing factor of Icky’s looks is his messy brown hair. It’s so messy, others believe he doesn’t even own a comb. It’s pretty long too with bangs that reach his eyes. He obviously doesn’t visit the barber shop too often. He doesn’t want to waste money, so he only cuts it when he starts feeling too much like a girl or when others start mistaking him for a girl. Whichever comes first. Although, when he does cut his hair, he cuts it real short. Therefore, it’s not always horribly long. When it is, though, he’s easily distinguishable. People have been known to distinguish him from far away and by simply looking at the back of his head. Pretty cool, huh?

As for his face, it’s highly pale, leaving his lips to look rosy like a girl’s {though it’s actually not}. He hates that. I mean what guy wouldn’t? The shape of his face is masculine, though, thank god. It’s jagged at the jaw-line and quite flat. His eyes are a dark shade of green and can even be mistaken for dark brown when he’s standing in shadows. Sweet, right? It’s probably because they’re so tiny and murky. Protected by thick strands of dark brown eyebrows, these eyes blink above a nose like all humans. In Icky’s case, it’s highly pointy and petit, taking-up little room. Some might say it looks like a girl’s too, but Icky unsurprisingly likes to think otherwise.

Then comes his taste in clothes. More often than not, he’s seen wearing his school robes. He’s not like the rest who change to ‘normal’ clothing any chance they get. He likes the robes because they’re Hogwart’s and he likes Hogwarts. If he’s to be seen wearing something else, that’ll most likely be the regular: jeans and a t-shirt.

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PostSubject: Re: Icarus   Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:52 pm


We must RP him & Ana. They seem like a stereotypical love/hate relationship. (:
Very Happy
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Camden Thalia George

Camden Thalia George

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PostSubject: Re: Icarus   Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:59 pm

I have an idea for him and Poppy. He's sort of like her but male version... Sort of. She deals with her insecurities in an entirely different way, and he likes pschology and she hates it because it makes her face, well, her.

What if, say, somehow he saw her at the ball making out with Wes and then Wes is planning on leaving her to go talk to Annabelle. I plan on Poppy freaking out and going crazy psycho. What if Icarus sort of tells her straight up and Poppy doesn't know what to think about it possibly getting a crush but not realizing it and then maybe Icarus finds Poppy fun to bug and continues to do it while Poppy is simply stunned beyond words because nobody has ever analyzed her before or understood her and she begins trusting him or something.

Plus, she has a love for candy. ;D
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Tyler James

Tyler James

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PostSubject: Re: Icarus   Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:10 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Icarus   Tue Jul 20, 2010 2:59 pm

Icky (:
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PostSubject: Re: Icarus   Tue Jul 20, 2010 3:58 pm

Sounds good for all three!

Hehe I like the idea, Rina.
Shall be funn :3
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Camden Thalia George

Camden Thalia George

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PostSubject: Re: Icarus   Tue Jul 20, 2010 4:02 pm

Poppy role play!
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PostSubject: Re: Icarus   Tue Jul 20, 2010 11:06 pm

Oh wow, his history reminds me of a book I have that I read for the first time like, 4 years ago. It's called The Great Gilly Hopkins
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PostSubject: Re: Icarus   

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