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 Dinah Auriell Antoinette

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Dinah Auriell Antoinette

Dinah Auriell Antoinette

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PostSubject: Dinah Auriell Antoinette   Thu May 19, 2011 8:39 pm

Name: Dinah (\d(i)-nah\) Auriell (\auri(el)\) Antoinette
Roleplayed By: theatr
Blood Type: Pure
House: Gryffindor
Age: 17, 7th year
Birthday: November 1
Pet: Cat - Cleopatra (Starting calling him Clay when she found out he was a boy)
Wand: 10" willow with unicorn hair core
Broom: None, afraid of heights
Patronus: Deer, doe
Animagus: Fox (Unregistered)
Amortentia: ~ Autumn wind ~ Cigarette smoke ~ Apples ~ Sea breeze ~ Paint ~
Boggart: Being left alone, overwhelming feeling of loneliness

Likes: ~ Boys, of course (; ~ Oceans, lakes ~ Music!! (Plays Piano, loves muggle bands) ~ Art in any form (Especially painting & performance art) ~ People! ~ Snuggling! ~ Sarcasm ~ Being the life of the party ~ Parties ~ Reading ~

Dislikes: ~ Being ignored ~ Arrogant people ~ Liars ~ Judgmental people ~ People who play dumb to look cool ~
Anything fake ~ People who don't learn from their mistakes ~ Over competitive people (Her brother...) ~ Spicy food! ~

Quote :
I've lived with my grandma ever since my dad passed away. After he died my mom went crazy, she wouldn't talk to us for weeks until finally one of our maids told us that she was pregnant. I didn't get it at first but then I realized, to find out, right after your husband died, that you're carrying another one of his children, one he'll never see, that would be enough to drive me to suicide. My mother had the baby, my little sister Emily, and left the three of us on the doorstep of my Grammi's. I haven't seen her since.

I pretty much raised Emily since I was 5 and we're really close (she's going to be a first year next year!) but not as close as I am to my brother _____. ____ is my older brother by 2 minutes. He was born on October 31 at 12:59 PM and I was born on November 01 at 1:02. We are exactly alike and perfectly different but he is my everything, I will always be here for him. No matter what.

About: Mostly Dinah is incredibly artsy but not in the timid 'afraid of life' quiet artist way. She isn't afraid to speak her mind and loves the limelight but she's incredibly well read, knows her paintings and art and loves music. She is completely right brained while her brother is completely left.

Quote :
How can I describe my personality in a way that makes sense...I am one big contradiction. I used to love flying but I hate heights, I hate smoking but I love the smell of cigarette smoke, I could go on forever. I love music, it's my life (cheesy, cheesy) and every chance I get I play my piano. If I could I would live outside. When I was little me and my twin brother would always be outside riding our toy broomsticks in the back of Grammi's house.

I'm the kind of person who loves people for being people. I mean, people are mean sometimes, and sometimes they're hilarious. You just have to take them for who they are and try to ignore the people who suck all the time. I think I have a lot of friends because of that reason, ugh, that sounds like I'm touting...Well, all I can say is that my friends are like my family and Hogwarts is like a second home. I like party people, I like to have fun! My friends reflect that!

Another huge part of my personality I think is that I'm not easily angered at all. I'm easily hurt, don't get me wrong, but I can't hold a grudge to save my life, well unless your my brother!!

Appearance: Dinah is very pretty, although you couldn't get her to admit that if you tried. She has light brown, fawn colored eyes, and wavy light brown hair that sits a little past her shoulders. Her little sister likes to tell her that it shines almost blonde in the sun. She wears contact lens (unbeknownst to everyone), her one vanity, and without them she is almost completely blind. Dinah is average height for a girl 5'5" but she hates her height and wishes she was taller. She is skinny, but that is because of her height and the fact that she forgets to eat most of the time...
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Dinah Auriell Antoinette
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