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 The Current Plot

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PostSubject: The Current Plot   Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:05 am

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updated: 7.10
The year is 2035. Hogwarts was under the watchful eye
of Minerva McGonagal for many years until she passed
away. Now it’s run by Rupert Yearling. He was appointed
by the Ministry due to his fairness, wisdom, and ability
to teach. He had taken over the position of transfigurations
and been teaching since Dumbledore died. Yearling is still
young, so a few things slip passed his eyes. This is how
the latest terror is spreading, but we’ll get to that soon

Directly after the fall of Voldemort, the Ministry went on
a rampage. They arrested anybody they believed was even
so much as sniffing Death Eaters. Even though Harry Potter
killed him, many believed that he died the first time and
were paranoid about him reappearing. It took quite a few
trials and the swift construction of new cells at Azkaban,
but eventually all the Death Eaters were taken care of. About
2/3s are rotting in cells, if not rotting in the grave from
the famous fight at Hogwarts. A few managed to gain
pardons and are living in fear of the general population.

But while the Ministry focused on Death Eaters, another
threat grew. A group of magical folk called The Pure
Ones began stirring. Their intentions were clear. They
believe that only pureblood wizards have the right to rule.
Their beliefs are sexist, too. In their mind, witches should
remain in houses as slaves. All creatures of mixed decent
are impure and must be eliminated. This includes
half-bloods, mud-bloods, centaurs, werewolves, vampires,
hippogriffs, sphinxes, and house-elves.

The group was created by a man named Evan Lyons, but
after he killed his wife he took the name of The Purest One.
His younger brother, Dean Lyons, is his right-hand man
while running it. The two live in an old wizarding community
with the other Pure Ones. The Ministry has failed to notice
what is happening.

The Pure Ones strive by living in a community where
women are their slaves. They kidnap those they believe
impure and kill them. The twisted ones set up twisted
ways to kill. It’s a game to these people. Impure ones are
equal to filthy scavengers. Women are believed to be less
powerful and weak.

This affects Hogwarts in a number of ways. The Pure Ones
do have children, those who are able to produce male heirs,
send their children to Hogwarts. All of them believe in The
Pure Ones’ code or are killed. These children are not only
in Hogwarts to learn, but to spy, too. They are known as The

A major attack is brewing in the plot houses of The Pure
Ones. Hogwarts will be attacked once more. For now,
students are watching, waiting, or completely oblivious. A
few older Cleansers have begun recruiting in Hogwarts,
but very quietly. A few students have noticed the anti-werewolf,
vampire, and mud-blood clubs and have begun organizing
opposing clubs. These are on the number-one target list.

As The Pure Ones emerge into the public eye, communities
of those deemed impure are moving into hiding. The Ministry
is doing nothing. They still fear reappearing Death Eaters. But
the public notes the disappearances. But there’s nothing to
do except wait.
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The Current Plot
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