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 Jones, Everett Geoff

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Everett Geoff Jones

Everett Geoff Jones

Posts : 39
Join date : 2011-05-23
Age : 23

PostSubject: Jones, Everett Geoff   Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:48 am

Everett Geoff Jones

Hai, guise. You can call me Everett Geoff Jones.
But, if you really know me, call
Everett. I like
to be given presents on

June fourteenth.
I turned sixteen
on my last one. The hat sang
me into
Slytherin. I'll
take you on with my
eleven inch oak wand with a phoenix feather core. Guess what?
I'm a
pureblood. Do
I care? You'll find out.
Do you have a pet? Well, mine's
name is
and they're a
Sometimes I get called Callan McAuliffe,
but I like myself better.

NAME: Everett Geoff Jones
AGE: 16
PLAY-BY: Callan McAuliffe
HOUSE: Slytherin

LIKES: Parties - The Color Blue - Sushi - People - Singing - Potions - Defense Against the Dark Arts - Charms - Butter Beer - Practical Jokes - Humor - Fiction - Recognition - Spontaneity - The Number 54 - acting

DISLIKES: The Color Yellow - Authority - "Super Cleanliness" - Restrictions - People Better Than Him - Structure - Slow Action - Firm Discipline - Organization - Pumpkin Juice - Arithmancy - History of Magic - Not Being Rewarded In Someway After Doing Something - Snakes - Bugs

GREATEST STRENGTH: Everett's greatest strength is being able to juggle many tasks at a time. Since he readily agrees to stuff, this is super helpful. He is all ways flexible and loves nothing more than to do everything. If you have a task for him, he will get it done. He'll get it done in whatever way he wants and whenever he gets the chance, but it will get done based on how he prioritizes it.
Everett can easily slide through a day getting things done that would make more sense if they got done today rather than tomorrow. He also has great intuition though he doesn't all ways use it.

GREATEST WEAKNESS: Everett's greatest weakness is not thinking through things before he does something. He is a really abstract thinker and loves optimism so he looks at the bright side most of the time so, if matters come up and it looks great on the outside, Everett is quick to jump on it. Of course, if Everett gets there and it's boring, he gets irritated and starts becoming rude, defiant, acting out boisterously, and intentionally breaks the rules to get some enjoyment out of it. This gets him hurt physically and/or mentally because he gets kicked out or "shunned". He has been in a few fights because of this and they don't all ways turn out in his favor.
If you were to ask Everett to do something illegal or really stupid and made it sound like the best thing in the world, Everett would agree to it only to find out he is getting himself into major trouble. And, since Everett hates backing away, he ends up going through with it. Also, Everett can't stand when people are afraid to do something that he likes to do. He is okay with it so why can't others?

PERSONALITY: Everett loves nothing more than having a good time! When it comes to trying something new, Everett possesses energy he hasn't used yet - and the "something new" often involves performing in front of others - or should we say "showing-off". Everett has lots of talent. He gets bored quickly though and hates chores and school activities that involve a lot of drills and routines.
Everett really likes to do what he wants, when he wants, which makes it hard for him to follow rules and respect authority just because it's there. His room doesn't get any prizes for cleanliness either. His parents are all ways harking on him to clean it but he uses the classical excuse of, "It's an obstacle course to keep me alert to my surroundings." He would clean his room if his parents would let him use magic.
In the friendship category, Everett likes people who are willing to try new things and he has no problem taking the lead. He's a "touchy-feely" person, but he loves himself a good competition. His friends can count on his surprises of off-the-wall or extravagant things or bizarre, spur-of-the-moment suggestions. He also had a dramatic or flamboyant manner to him. Everett learns best by experience and he likes to figure things out for himself. In a nutshell? Life is a banquet and Everett's not going to go hungry!

PATRONUS: Everett's patronus is a monkey because of his fun, playful nature. He thinks of the time way back when. It was his birthday and he was turning 6.
He doesn't know why his parents left out magic in his life until he was six but they did and on his sixth birthday, his parents took him out to see a play. It was called WICKED and he fell in love with it from the beginning. After the show, his parents took him out to eat and told him he was a wizard. What he thinks of was when he got home and laid down in his bed and looked up reminiscing about the day. He wears a pewter cross necklace that his parents gave him everywhere to remind him of that day.

VERITAMSERUM: Everett doesn't even like to talk or think about it himself but when he was a boy, Everett stole something. It was more or less an accident but Everett doesn't think that way. Nobody knows, nor will anybody ever know, about this.
Everett was walking home a couple weeks before his 11th birthday and he saw a broom. Now this wasn't any broom, it was a Firebolt. Everett has loved watching Quiditch and has all ways wanted to try it but his parents would never let him because his brother, Kevin, died while he was playing Quidditch. Kevin got hit with a broom and got knocked down off of his and landed on his head, killing him instantly. His number was 54.
Everett wanted this broom, despite his parents, and so he stared at it trying to think of a way to get it then suddenly, it disappeared. He didn't know what to do so he ran home and closed his door to his room and there on his bed was the Firebolt. He quickly burnt it and never spoke of it again.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Everett's greatest desire is to become a showman. He wants to move to New York and act on Broadway. Of course he would still use magic but that would be the best part. He is acting constantly because he would live in the city that never sleeps so he would constantly be acting to hide the fact that he's a wizard.
His father has taken him on tours and stuff before to New York and seeing plays has inspired him to become an actor. His father actually is the one that got him into muggle items. As a rock star, Everett's father has lots of connections with the muggle world (quite more than the wizard world) and so Everett is constantly bombarded with muggle items. Most people don't necessarily get along with the fact that Everett is into muggle stuff but he has learnt to accept it and just ignore it now.

BOGGART: Everett's greatest fear is getting bit by anything poisonous. He hates all snakes, bugs, spiders, pretty much any creepy crawly thing because he is freaked out that he is going to get bit. Not only is the unexpected pain - another thing he is freaked out by - a factor, but he doesn't want to die because he got poisoned.

AMMORTENTIA: Everett's ammortentia is bacon, freshly baked pastries, wood sap, and the smell after an electric shock.

HEIGHT: Five foot eleven.
WEIGHT: 163 lbs
EYES: Everett's eyes are mostly brown. They are speckled with tan and the center has an "explosion" type look of light brown followed by a darker brown.
FACIAL FEATURES: Everett has nothing too interesting about his face. Except for the rare pimple, Everett has a flawless face, no mustache, beard, side burns, etc.
HAIR: Everett has short, brown hair. He likes to spike up the front of it to make his hair look random, like his personality.
CLOTHING STYLE: Only clothing with designer labels. He hates pictures on his shirts so he mostly wears dark, solid colored shirts. They are usually V-necks but he will occasionally wears a button up shirt with a loosely tied up tie.
He wears baggy jeans most of the time and absolutely hates athletic shorts. His jeans definitely don't sag. He wears black converse shoes.
OH, AND ALSO: Everett has very visible facial expressions and he has his pewter cross necklace on 24/7 (even in the shower).

MOTHER: Everett's mothers name is Maria. She is 5 foot 4 and is from a hispanic background. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. Her maiden name is Rodriguez. She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. She is not fat but quite the opposite. Jake sometimes refers to her as a "trophy wife" and that just weirds out Everett.
Maria is his biological mother and loves him to death. She would probably end up killing herself if Everett died. She is a witch. She is a house mom and doesn't mind it one bit. She usually spends her day cleaning and watching soap operas. She chose to make Everett work for money rather than getting everything to build up his character and help him "survive" in the world once he is gone.
FATHER: Everett's fathers name is Jake. He is 6 foot even and is as pale as a ghost. He has short, spiky brown hair and eyes to match. If you look at him, you immediately think rock star. He is very easy going and is super strict on drugs, alcohol, etc. He has wanted to dye his hair plenty of times (and plenty of colors) but Maria has stopped him. She thinks it would send the wrong message to Everett.
Jake is Everett's biological father and loves his son dearly. He is a muggle rock star who sings in the band "Magic Wand" (a band full of wizards that play in a rock style). He is gone a lot so he doesn't see much of his son but is very devoted to him and would leave a tour immediately if something came up. He is a wizard. It was Jake's idea to hold off from telling Everett about magic.
SIBLINGS: Everett once had a brother named Kevin who died while playing a Quidditch game. He was hit by a broom and fell off of his and landed head first onto the ground. He had no chance of survival. Kevin died at the age of 17. His number was 54 and Everett's favorite number. Everett has no other siblings and his parents can't have anymore.
BRIEF HISTORY: The Jones' were never really a family that stuck-out to the rest of the wizarding world. They were rich but not overly rich. They liked to just go with the flow. Tim and Sarah (parents of Jake) met in muggle studies class their first year at Hogwarts. They both had an overly enthusiastic view on muggles. So, they became apart of the muggle studies in the ministry. Even though both of them were purebloods, they loved muggles! In fact, they were pushing for Jake to marry a muggle women.
A few months after Tim and Sarah got married, they had Jake. He was all ways beating on stuff as a child and loved entertaining people. He wanted to take singing lessons... so he did. Although, what he was being taught didn't cut it for him and so, as soon as he could, he got out of his house and made a new home in the muggle world (where he had visited many times because of his parents) and became a rock start with some of his friends from the wizard world.
When Jake met Maria, he was on tour in Spain. She had snuck past security (more like froze them) and went into Jake dressing room. Neither knew about the other being a wizard. They figured that out on their 14th date. They took things really slow mainly because Jake had been through countless relationships that all turned out badly because of the other wanting to be married to a rich and famous person. Maria was different and on September 23, they were wed. They went on a honeymoon to where else other than the moon.
On February 15, Jake and Maria had their first son, Kevin. Fifteen years later, Everett was born. The Jones's were one big happy family. Then, Kevin died. Jake's band stopped for 6 months. Maria still is not over it. Everett was two and hardly knew what was happening. His parents stopped all magical things and vowed to never tell Everett about magic so they could keep him safe. That didn't work. They ended up telling him on his 6th birthday and are still cautious about what he does magically.
The pureblood society isn't too fond of the Jones' now, especially because of Jake and his band. They get ridiculed a lot of the time but they don't care. Jake has learnt from rock and roll that people can be harsh but as long as you keep your mind on what you love to do, people will start thinking the same way. This is kind of his motto in life and he has repeated it plenty of times to Everett. In fact, Everett has built up a sort of tolerance from the bullying. He no longer cares and, as his father said, it's as if people are just learning to accept the fact that he is into muggle stuff. He still gets the occasional bully from time to time but it has decreased.

actorboy32 Hunter fifteen
Hello! My name is Hunter I am 15 and I have been role-playing not very long now. I found Geminio because of Rina and I am in love with it. I know I have a lot to learn about role-playing and I hope I can achieve that here. If you want, you can neomail me! My account is "actorboy32" (without the quotes Wink) .

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Posts : 36
Join date : 2009-05-20

PostSubject: Re: Jones, Everett Geoff   Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:37 pm

History- This is a pureblood family that is completely okay with muggle life? Why? And how did the grandparents react?
Personality- add more on how he's okay with muggle things, but he's a pureblood (broadway = muggle) Also, how did he become familar with American things?
***Add your username, alias, and age where appropriate
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Everett Geoff Jones

Everett Geoff Jones

Posts : 39
Join date : 2011-05-23
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Jones, Everett Geoff   Wed Jul 06, 2011 12:17 am

Okay how's this? And I want it be very good so if even the littlest, most tiny thing is wrong please tell me to fix it Smile donkashane!
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PostSubject: Re: Jones, Everett Geoff   Thu Jul 07, 2011 6:54 am

***Add your username, alias, and age where appropriate

But also, you still need to add stuff on how the pureblood thing affects him. How does the pureblood society view this kid who has a fascination with muggle things? How does most people view him? It's not that common.

And please don't change anything in teal in the opening paragraph. Only the black.
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Everett Geoff Jones

Everett Geoff Jones

Posts : 39
Join date : 2011-05-23
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: Jones, Everett Geoff   Thu Jul 07, 2011 11:47 am

How's this? :/
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Posts : 36
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PostSubject: Re: Jones, Everett Geoff   Thu Jul 07, 2011 8:51 pm

One last thing, please change your username so that it includes his middle name.
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PostSubject: Re: Jones, Everett Geoff   

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Jones, Everett Geoff
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