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     Lauring, Ayla Grace

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    Ayla Grace Lauring

    Ayla Grace Lauring

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    PostSubject: Lauring, Ayla Grace    Thu Jul 14, 2011 1:30 am


    Hai, guise. You can call me Ayla Grace Lauring.
    But, if you really know me, call
    Ay or la. I like
    to be given presents on

    September first.
    I turned 16
    on my last one. The hat sang
    me into
    Gryffindor. I'll
    take you on with my
    10" hazel wand with a dragon heartstring core. Guess what?
    I'm a
    pureblood. Do
    I care? You'll find out.
    Do you have a pet? Well, mine's
    name is
    Hermes and
    he's a
    Northern Hawk Owl.
    Sometimes I get called Elena Satine,
    but I like myself better.

    NAME - Ayla Grace Lauring
    AGE - 16
    GENDER - Female
    PLAY-BY - Elena Satine
    SEXUALITY - Straight
    HOUSE - Gryffindor
    BLOOD STATUS - Pureblood
    ANIMAGUS - Unregistered wolf animagus

    LIKES - Campfires, indie bands, muggle books, summertime, acting, quidditch, dance, animals, being in the spotlight, charms class.
    DISLIKES - The cold, suck-ups, know-it-alls, heights, spiders, drama queens (or kings for that matter), bullies, disorder (you could say she suffers from OCD), dogs, being indoors all day.

    GREATEST STRENGTH - Ayla is a very caring and compassionate person, she stands up for the little guys. When faced with a challenge she thinks things through carefully, making sure that everyone has a job that they're best suited for before moving on. It's when one of her friends is in danger that she really shows her greatest strength, the only time she acts without thinking. It's because of her incredible bravery when someone else is faced with danger that Ayla was sorted into Gryffindor.
    GREATEST WEAKNESS - Ayla is a funny girl in that her greatest strength is also her greatest weakness, she has to be the center of attention. While she does exibit great bravery in front of others, it's for completely selfish reasons, she wants everyone to notice her even if it means putting her life in danger at times.
    PERSONALITY - On the outside, Ayla Grace Lauring is an average girl, she seems nice enough, brave, fiery, energetic. She's always seen with a huge smile on her face, surrounded by people laughing at her jokes. She dresses in a way that shows that she's a woman yet still a lady, modest yet, pardon my french, slutty. Another thing you might notice about her personality is that she seems to be fairly studious, she's known to spend many evenings studying in the library.
    What's on the outside is all well and good, but really, it's what's on the inside that counts and Ayla is not the girl everyone seems to think she is. On the inside, Ayla likes to be the center of attention, she likes it when people gravitate to her and she criticizes anyone and everyone, picking out the best and the worst that Hogwarts has to offer, though she'll be friends with just about everyone.
    Getting to really know Ayla is hard as she doesn't want anyone to really know her at all, the only person who knows her is her lifelong friend, Caile Monty who accepts her for who she is, as long as she accepts him. Caile was sorted into Slytherin.

    PATRONUS - Ayla's patronus appears as a cheetah. Cheetahs are fast, they have to be to survive. Ayla also had to be quick to survive as a child.
    VERITAMSERUM - Ayla's darkest secret is that she is an unregistered wolf animagus. Nobody knows this secret, not even Caile. Ayla does not transform while at school, when sent home for the summer though, she is free to transform whenever she sees fit.
    MIRROR OF ERISED - When Ayla looks into the mirror of erised she sees herself laughing underneath an old oak tree with Caile, not doing anything in particular, just sitting. This is where she is truly happy, in a world where she isn't judged and she doesn't feel the need to judge anyone.
    BOGGART - If Ayla were to stand face-to-...face? with a Boggart it would take the form of deep, dark water. The kind where you cannot see the bottom, you can't even see your feet. She'd feel as though she were swimming in the middle of the ocean, all alone. She'd get rid of the Boggart by changing the ocean into a ball pit.
    AMMORTENTIA - Ayla is attracted to the bad boy type. She likes blue eyes but that's not a deal breaker. A snazzy (yeah I just used the word snazzy in a sentence) dresser is also always appreciated. They also have to get along with Caile as he's like a brother to her.

    HEIGHT - 5'4"
    WEIGHT - 115LBS
    EYES - Ayla has green eyes which have been compared to many things, moss, grass, leaves, stoplights, kiwis, you name it. The weird thing about her eyes is that they're known to change shades day-to-day.
    FACIAL FEATURES - Ayla has a pretty average face, it's not beautiful, not ugly, it's about a 7.5. The interesting thing is that she's a ginger with no freckles.
    HAIR Ayla's hair is the most interesting thing about her, it's a very vibrant red, a red that girls would kill for. She usually wears it down and very relaxed. It's wavy but can be tamed into curls or straightened when she wants it to.
    CLOTHING STYLE Ayla is one of those girls that seems to always be on top of fashion. The thing people don't know about her clothing is that it's either stolen or bought from a secondhand store as that's all she could ever afford.
    Ayla hates to have to wear those school uniforms so she wears the shirt as low-cut as possible and the skirt as high as the professors will allow. On the weekends she wears her clothes with confidence.
    OH, AND ALSO She's dyslexic, but that can't be helped.

    MOTHER Ianna Lauring, Ayla never knew her mother.
    FATHER Jaque Lauring, Ayla never knew her father.
    SIBLINGS Ayla has no real siblings that she knows of, she counts the others living with her as her siblings though.
    BRIEF HISTORY A year or so after Ayla Grace Lauring was born, her family was killed, it's unclear how to Ayla as she never searched for an answer. Ayla was sent to live with her squib aunt who was going slightly, to put it bluntly, insane. When Ayla turned five she was forced to wander the streets as her aunt started completely losing her mind, Ayla has no idea what came of her from that point.
    Ayla wandered the streets quite alone and quite frightened until she was found by a six year old boy named Caile, Caile was raised by his older brother, Adam, on the streets of the small wizarding community of Ela Vale, where Ayla had found herself at this point.
    Ayla joined Caile and Adam's family and before long so did three others, a young girl named Bethany, and two boys, Elic and Kolby. The six of them lived a life of stealing, running, and begging. Adam never went to Hogwarts, he got his letter but couldn't get to the train station but he wanted better for his little brother so he gave him all the money he had saved from pick-pocketing and begging and sent him on his way. A year later, Ayla was sent off with him, this time they had to go by flu powder (and it was not easy breaking into a wizard's home to use their fireplace).
    Before Ayla left, Adam brought her through the process of becoming an animagus, it was an experiment for him but hell for Ayla, she barely ever talks about it, she doesn't like to do it.

    money_o_o Melena 18
    Well, hello there, my name is Melena and I am a complete nerd. What a way to start out a bio eh? But it's true, my hobbies include graphic design, writing, and reading. I watch star trek, play video games (Zelda is my fave), and my favorite movie happens to be Some Kind of Wonderful (weren't expecting that one, were you?).
    I'm from Canada... Eh. British Columbia to be exact. If you really want to know more about me you can check out my livejournal, loveeshine.livejournal.com. <go ahead.
    Neopets-wise you can reach me at money_o_o, ask me anything, I don't bite.

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    PostSubject: Re: Lauring, Ayla Grace    Sat Jul 16, 2011 9:26 am

    P E N D I N G
    Hey, you need to apply for the ability to be an animagus in the forms. Please do so.
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    Lauring, Ayla Grace
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