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 One Short Day

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Everett Geoff Jones


Posts : 39
Join date : 2011-05-23
Age : 23

PostSubject: One Short Day   Thu Jul 14, 2011 12:30 pm

This post is specifically for Annabelle ; word count=360

"UGH!" Everett said groggily as the sun bounced off his face, waking him up. He rolled onto his back, closed his eyes and sighed heavily. God I hope today is gonna be short. Everett thought to himself. Everett started to drift back to sleep when his stomach growled. With another sigh, Everett sat up and slowly got out of bed.

Everett grabbed some clothes and toiletries and went down to the showers, still in his boxers and necklace. Everett is fine with his body so he didn't care... that and the sleepiness could have an added effect too. He reached the showers, shut the door, turned on the water, stripped down, and stepped in (still with his necklace). The water hadn't had time to warm up so the sudden shock of cold water running down his body was a major wake up call for Everett. The water did gradually get warmer but, now there was no chance of getting back to sleep when he got back to his dorm.

Everett got out of the shower, dried off, and put on a black V-neck and dark blue jeans and a black belt. Everett's necklace showed slightly from the V-neck. He walked back to his dorm and put on his favorite converse shoes and sat down, looking out the window.

Everett's stomach growled again. Everett sighed... again... and started walking to the Great Hall. As he approached, the smell of the food started to overwhelm him and he picked up the pace until he turned a corner and stopped in the door way. Staring in awe, he viewed students sitting down eating the massive feast, some were alone, others laughing, and others (mainly Ravenclaw students) reading. He had, of course, seen this picture a plethora of times before, but today he was super hungry!!!

Out of the blue, a girl randomly knocked into him, forcing him out of his trance."Hey!" He yelled. He turned toward the girl. He had seen her before but couldn't put his finger on it. Maybe in class? He didn't care anymore, he just wanted to see what was up with her before he went to eat.

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Annabelle Katherine Reese


Posts : 232
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PostSubject: Re: One Short Day   Fri Jul 15, 2011 10:51 pm

Annabelle Katherine Reese

Annebelle sighed as she rose out of her bed. It was a weekend so no classes. Thank goodness. She did NOT feel like going. She threw on a tee shirt and some lounge shorts. She walked to the showers and stripped down. She took a quick shower and got out and dried herself. She brushed her teeth and then her hair. Anna did not bother to blow dry her hair however. Why bother? Even if it dried weird, she could always fix it.

She walked back and threw on some jeans, a red tank top, and threw a white v-neck on top. She then grabbed her red converse and threw them on as well. She tired her hair up into a ponytail then started out the door. Oh! She almost forgot. she put on some light eyeliner and mascara. There, now she was ready. She grabbed her wand put it in her pocket and was on her way.

Belle made her way down the moving stairs. She smiled as her stomach growled loudly. A little first year gave her a look, but she didn't care. She walked quickly into the Great Hall. She looked down, while walking, noticing her shoe was untied. Not paying attention, she looked up and ran straight into a Slytherin guy.

Anna gasped and apologized. "I'm so sorry." she said. She gave him a halfhearted smile, slightly embarrassed.

word count=232
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Everett Geoff Jones


Posts : 39
Join date : 2011-05-23
Age : 23

PostSubject: Re: One Short Day   Sat Jul 16, 2011 6:09 pm

This post is specifically for ANNABELLE ; word count=390

"That's okay." Everett said. Why did she not see him? He didn't know. All he cared about now was getting some grub. He looked around nervously and the girl gave him a halfhearted smile. What? Everett started to wonder if she wanted any thing. Maybe she did. Maybe she didn't. More likely she didn't want anything but he does have an over active imagination. Sometimes he would walk outside in the dark and get freaked out that something would attack him.

The smell of the Great Hall behind him made him weak. Just seeing the people walk by him and knowing that they were going to get food killed him. By now, though, he was starting to wonder who this girl really was. He had seen her before, he knew he had, but from where? Around the hallways. Maybe. Wait! Maybe she was in one of his classes! That could be!

Wait, isn't she in myOH MY GOD IS THAT A CAULDRON CAKE! Everett started to look off at the cauldron cakes on the table, thinking to himself that those could be his. His stomach growled. Where was I? Oh! I wonder if she's in my potions class?

"So... umm... what's your name?" Somebody passed him with a plate of bacon. Gah! Bacon! Everett's true weakness. His mouth started to salivate and he got very antsy. God I just want this girl to hurry up so I can go eat. He probably seemed like a jerk right now but he didn't care, all he cared about was the bacon... that sweet, sweet bacon. Wait! I have an idea.

"You know what! Scratch that! Follow me!" Everett said spontaneously. He quickly grabbed the girls arm and led her to his table where he sat down and literally started to pile food onto him plate. After a couple of seconds of the girl staring in awe at him trowing food into his mouth, Everett gulped on last time and said, "Sorry 'bout that. I was just kinda hungry. feel free to take what ever you like!"

Everett started to put more food in his mouth then continued to say, "OH My name is Everett. Slytherin house obviously." Food went flying from his mouth. "Sorry." He said as more food flew.

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PostSubject: Re: One Short Day   

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One Short Day
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