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 Finch, Daniel Arthur

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Daniel Arthur Finch

Daniel Arthur Finch

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PostSubject: Finch, Daniel Arthur   Finch, Daniel Arthur EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 2:40 pm

Finch, Daniel Arthur BUTTFACE
Finch, Daniel Arthur Title1
Hai, guise. You can call me Daniel Arthur Finch.
But, if you really know me, call
Dan. I like
to be given presents on

April fifth.
I turned fourteen
on my last one. The hat sang
me into
Hufflepuff. I'll
take you on with my
hawthorn 11 1/2 with dragon heartstring. Guess what?
I'm a
pureblood. Do
I care? You'll find out.
Do you have a pet? Well, mine's
name is
Rex and
they're a
Sometimes I get called Freddie Highmore,
but I like myself better.

Finch, Daniel Arthur Title4
NAME Daniel Arthur Finch
AGE fourteen
PLAY-BY Freddie Highmore
SEXUALITY straight
HOUSE Hufflepuff
BLOOD STATUS pureblood

LIKES reading // talking to his cat // trying to make friends // acceptance // chocolate // studying // orange // pumpkin juice // History of Magic // Bathilda Bagshot // watching Quidditch
DISLIKES bullies // parties // dancing // public speaking // fruit // fiction books // number 13 // movies // playing sports // alcohol // drugs

GREATEST STRENGTH Daniel's greatest strength is his loyalty to friends that he finds. Daniel just wants to be apart of something and he rarely finds that. So, wanting to keep that "something", Dan will do almost anything to prove the he is a friend.
GREATEST WEAKNESS Dan's greatest weakness is his want to be accepted. He will do anything to be accepted. This is the negative side to his strength. His strength and weakness are very similar because he just wants friends. But, by doing anything, it could possibly drive him to do something immoral that could be his downfall.
PERSONALITY Daniel is a major introvert. As a kid, Dan was different. "Different" here means that he was socially awkward. As time passed, Dan just learnt to accept that nobody really likes him so he started to hang out with his cat and academics. Reading was what really helped him in academics. It has built a broad view on everything! He doesn't like fiction so all he reads is mainly "knowledge booster" books. If he has to give a speech over the book then he starts to get super nervous and it's not his best work.
Dan's loyalty is one of his best attributes. He doesn't have many friends and so he tries his darnedest to keep ahold of them. Though sometimes, he does a few things that will push friends away. Loyalty in friendship, to him, is like a chocolatier in a chocolate factory. The factory can't run without the chocolatier. His loyalty also drives him to do well in his classes. He studies hard and often helps other students to help study in an attempt to make friends. They often take him for granted though.
Daniel is very naive. He doesn't see the bad sides of people. Or those who would do him harm or take advantage of him because they know he is very loyal and dedicated. Also, he is naive in how to be a good friend. He tries but doesn't know and ends up pushing people away. He is a very superstitious boy. The whole "walking under a ladder" or "spilling salt" thing affects him.
Although reading is his biggest hobby, he also has a few others. Quidditch. He loves to watch Quidditch. He has tried to play it before but has totally failed. So now he watches it and just imagines himself up on the broom flying around. But one thing he doesn't get is parties. He goes to parties sometimes but ends up in the corner because nobody will talk to him.

PATRONUS Dan's patronus is a hound dog. Dogs are loyal creatures and hound dogs are very dedicated on the hunt. He remembers when he got adopted by his long lost grandmother.
VERITAMSERUM Dan's veritamserum is when he lied to his grandmother. Dan's grandmother had needed help out in the garden one day and had asked Dan to help her. There was a major Quidditch match that he had wanted to see. He told his grandma that he was sick and snuck out of the house to go to the match. He feels really guilty about it because she has always been kind to him.
MIRROR OF ERISED Dan's greatest desire is friendship. One true friend that he could tell secrets too. Somebody that would care about him if something happened. He doesn't want to keep pestering his grandmother.
BOGGART Dan's greatest fear is mirrors. He doesn't want to look into a mirror and see somebody behind him. Especially at night. Also, he is freaked out that it will break giving him bad luck.
AMMORTENTIA The smell of the Quidditch pitch, his grandmothers cooking, parchment, ink, and chocolate. All of those are what attracts Dan the most.

HEIGHT 5' 10"
EYES Dan's eyes are dark brown. Some people have actually wondered if his eyes are completely black until they get a closer look.
FACIAL FEATURES Dan's nose is a little bit large but otherwise, he has no other facial features except for the occasional zit.
HAIR Dan's hair is brown. He doesn't really put much thought into it. He mainly just lets it be after he showers. It's short. It exposes a lot of his forehead.
CLOTHING STYLE Dan does not have a large wardrobe. Most are one colored t-shirts but he does have a button up shirt every once and a while. He likes to wear jeans because he is self conscious about his body. He will most of the time have his shirt tucked in but does have it hanging out. He will always wear a belt.
OH, AND ALSO Dan has had the same shoes for 3 years now and could use a new pair but it's not necessary.

MOTHER Dan's mother is Jamie. She died when Dan was two from a presumed drug overdose. She waited tables in the Leaky Cauldron. From what he had heard from his grandmother, Dan thought of his mom as somebody he would not really want to meet. She didn't really take along the role of a mom while she was alive.
FATHER Todd was Dan's father. He died the same way as Jamie. He didn't work and relied on stealing for food and alcohol. Dan says he did not want to meet his father but deep down, he really does. He has longed for a father figure in his life forever and desperately wants one.
BRIEF HISTORY The Finches are a dying line. Only Dan and his grandmother Theresa are alive. Todd and Jamie are two complete douche bags. Well, they were. For about 2 years, Dan had been forced to put up with them and their alcohol and drug abuse. Which is exactly how they died. Nobody noticed they were gone until their already overdue taxes weren't being responded to had somebody come over and check their house out. This was 3 days after they had died. Dan hardly had any life in him left and the doctor pronounced todd and Jamie dead from drug overdose. Dan's Grandmother didn't know that the two had a son until adoption day.
Theresa was dying to have another child. Now that she was older, she couldn't. She took it upon herself to adopt a boy to try to continue the Finch name. Looking at who the parents were on some of the children, Theresa saw a boy named Daniel Arthur Finch. Seeing her own last name was odd so she checked the parents names and sure enough it was Todd and Jamie. After a DNA test, it had proven it even further. She adopted Dan on August 3rd.
Theresa never knew that Jamie and Todd had a son. She resented them and stopped going to their graves. When Dan was old enough, Theresa told him what happened to his parents and that she was actually his grandmother. Dan was part of the family and he did deserve to know about them.
As of now, Theresa is 84. She works 2 jobs during the weekdays as a store clerk and a bartender. She has the weekends off. She is not rich at all. Dan hardly gets new items. As time went on, Dan had started to pick up traits from his grandmother like being naive, loving to read, and cook with vegetables from the garden. Theresa is in love with her garden. She would die if anything happened to it.
Dan was sorted into Hufflepuff and had made no friends the entire year. He had instead focused on his studies. He was not the best at it but as time went on, he studied harder and harder. He is now advanced in his knowledge of magic and loves it heavily, though his skill has never matched.
Going onto his second year, Dan still had no friends. Until he met the Cleansers. They were so nice to him and he had started to hang out with them. They were people that had accepted Dan for who he was. Or so it seemed. They were just using the fact the he wanted friends to get him to join them. If Dan had to choose a favorite year, this would be it.
Going into his third year, Dan was very excited to see his friends in the Cleansers again. But some things started to happen and they started to break away from him. Devastated, Dan slowly went back to his studies but still tried to be friends with the Cleansers.

Finch, Daniel Arthur Title3
Hello! My name is Hunter. I have not been roleplaying for long now and I hope that I can learn more from Geminio! Please feel free to contact me at actorboy32. I hope I will see ya'll around and I hope the Rp-ing will be fun! Adios!

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PostSubject: Re: Finch, Daniel Arthur   Finch, Daniel Arthur EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 2:44 pm

Dan's going to be a good addition to the plot. Great character!
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Finch, Daniel Arthur
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