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 Wescorous James Brickley

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PostSubject: Wescorous James Brickley   Tue Jun 15, 2010 12:04 am

Wes James Brickley
"You ain't gonna tie me down."
Playing • Loud • Partying • Wes

Pronunciation: Wes-core-us
Nickname: Wes
Roleplayed by: omgits_aubrey
Blood: Pure Blood
House: Slytherin
Year: 7th
Age: 17
Birthday: October 30th
Pet: Rat named Rat
Wand: 10 /12" Maple Dragon Heartstring
Broom: None
Patronus: Weasle
Animagus: None
Amotentia: Dirt, warm apple cider, cigarettes, watermelon.
Boggart: Dark water.
Likes: Night, the moon, women, long hair, potions.
Dislikes: Tattle-tales, Muggle studies, children.

Family: Wes was born into a rich English family in England. Both of his parents were strong Voldemort supporters but after the war ended, his mother, Helix, boar a child and his family picked up and moved to America to start a new, 'normal' life that would be safer for his new young sister, Camille. For the majority of his life, Wes grew up in Northern California. Because of his location, Wes made a lot of muggle friends, and so blood purity doesn't matter so much to him. Growing up, Wed kept mostly to himself, upstairs in his room, or walking the moonlit streets with friends, sneaking into downtown bars and night clubs. When his parents found that he was friends with the muggles, they isolated him from the family, but Wes could care less.

About: Around school, Wes is known for his way with the ladies, his flirtatious attitude, and his player reputation. Wes almost always has at least one girl at his side. He loves to party and will never say no to having a good time. He is rarely in a bad mood, and likes to live a carefree, no strings attached kind of life. Wes likes to surround himself with people and loves to party hard.

Appearance: Wes is a tall guy, standing around 6'1". He has a medium build with toned muscles. He has brown-black hair and dark green eyes with thick brows. His right arm wears a half-sleeve tattoo and his left eyebrow is pierced with a silver barbell.
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Wescorous James Brickley
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