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 Jamie Lynn Porter

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Jamie Porter

Jamie Porter

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PostSubject: Jamie Lynn Porter   Tue Jun 29, 2010 9:45 pm

Name: Jamie Lynn Porter
Roleplayed By: Neuvelle
Blood Type: Muggle Born
House: Blueclaw=)!
Age: 15
Birthday: July 3rd
Pet: Owl aka Mew
Wand: 12 3/4 inch, Rosewood, Unicorn Hair
Broom: Silverwood
Patronus: Wolf=)
Animagus: Nope=)
Amortentia: Grass, and Rain=)
Boggart: Killer Dolls=(
Likes: Writing, Gymnastics, Music, Animals, Playing Quiddicth, hanging with friends, Bookstores, Books, Ice cream, Monkeys, sleeping in
Dislikes: Alergies to dogs, Killing Animals, Blood, Horror Movies, Death, Waking up in the morning, The testing on animals, Writers block, Spiders, Dolls, People sneaking up on her.

Family: Sawyer grew up in France for about 5 years. She never got to know Her father. He died when she was born in a fire. and her mother died in a plane crash when she five. That was while her aunt and cousin were visiting. They decided to have her live with them, because the rest of her family were gone or live to far to travel to. About a month later after selling the house, she finally moved in with her aunt and cousin. By the time she started going to her new school, she was the really quiet one and just didn't talk to anyone, not even her teacher, or her aunt and cousin. She just sat alone in her room, staring at a picture of her and her mom. She only one pic of her father, but it was kinda ripped in the middle. It was stuck together with tape. She didn't start to talk more until age 10, one summer. It was the anniversary of her mothers death and they went back to france to visit her grave. Jamie always use to sit in front of the grave praying until the sun was down, and the moon was up in the sky. She then started telling her cousin more about whats been going on for the past 5 years then as months past she started opening up more. But a year later when she turned 11, things changed completly, she had been told she was a witch. That day changed her perspective in life

About: She's mostly one of the most quietest people in her class. But when she's with her friends she talks. She's a really active person. Her family and school work came first for her. Then her friends and school activities. She never speaks her mind. But she does think up crazy plans. Like if she ever does go to china she will dig underneath the great wall of china. She was close to going. But the plane wouldn't let her take a shovel with her. She's never the one to let people get to her. She doesn't care what people think of her. They need to get to know her before they start judging her. No ones perfect and never will be. Her favorite quote "Don't let people bring you down. No matter what happens." She may be shy, but she's always there for her friends and loyal. Keeping any secrets to her grave. But in the inside she is really hurt but never let's it show no matter what. She barely shows it, but she really hates preppy people. For some reason they really annoy her. She tries to ignore them but there is alot of them around. She may be shy but she usually thinks up crazy plans. She once tried digging to michigan but i didn't work out so well. After that incendent she now wants to know what the meaning of life.

Appearance: Jamie doesn't really care about How she looks. She just likes the way she is. Allison has light and kinda curly hair. And has chestnut brown eyes like her father does so many years ago. She's been told that she looks like her mother and has her father's eyes. But she kinda denies it. She saw alot of pictures of her parents. It was kinda hard to tell if she actually did. On ordinary days, she wears a jean skirt that goes down to her knees, tennis shoes, a tanktop and sweat shirt. When its really sunny. on cold days. She wears Dark jeans, a t-shirt, sweat shirt and tennis shoes.
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Jamie Lynn Porter
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