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 Reese, Annabelle Katherine

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Annabelle Katherine Reese

Annabelle Katherine Reese

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PostSubject: Reese, Annabelle Katherine   Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:45 pm


Hai, guise. You can call me Annabelle Katherine Reese. That’s pronounced Anne-uh-bell Ree-ce[/color].
But, if you really know me, call
Anna, Belle, or, if you’re really close, Kitty. I like
to be given presents on

April thirteenth.
I turned sixteen
on my last one. The hat sang
me into
Gryffindor. I'll
take you on with my
Elm wood, 10 ½ inches, Dragon heartstring. Guess what?
I'm a
¾ Blood. Do
I care? You'll find out.
Do you have a pet? Well, mine's
name is
Doodlebob (Bob for short) and
he's a
shorthair grey tabby cat..
Sometimes I get called multiple other names,
but I like myself better.

Annabelle Katherine Reese
¾ Blood, her father, a prueblood, is German. Her mother, a half blood, is British

LIKES Parties, socializing, Rain, Any song with a strong beat (usually American Rock songs), animals, drawing, popcorn, gymnastics, homework, Potions, Care of Magical Creatures, DADA (depending on the teacher), and Transfiguration. She also enjoys swimming whenever possible, games of most sorts, shopping in general (clothes, books, wands, anything really). She is also a very strong supporter of Quidditch and loves to play, and plays as often as she can, and she is contemplating tryout for the school team. She also can play the guitar, but does not bring her guitar to Hogwarts.

DISLIKES Drama, Blood Insults, Or insults of any kind, ‘Cliques’, Charms, Animal Abusers, Liars, Excessively hot days, Classical music, Bullies, and does not support real fur clothing items in any way.

GREATEST STRENGTH Annabelle is extremely strong willed. She will stand up for what she believes in to the Nth degree. She will defend and protect her friends to the very end. She knows what’s right and what’s wrong and won’t be convinced otherwise. She also isn’t afraid to protect the ickle firstie here and there. This attribute sometimes results in her being very stubborn, and immoveable on a subject.
GREATEST WEAKNESS Her greatest weakness is she has a fierce temper. She gets aggravated or frustrated very easily. This can lead her into some sticky situations, fights, or even detention. When she gets mad, she can get quite irrational and not think as clearly as she would on a normal basis.

PERSONALITY She is very determined to stay out of drama, but she has a quick temper. She almost always ends up getting into a fight, or sent to the headmaster’s office for something, usually not planned on her account. She can be intersocial at times, but most of the time, she is pretty social. It varies on her mood that day. She has a lot of common sense. She is a straight A student in every class she takes because she is excellent at taking tests, and taking down notes, but as for the rules outside the classroom, they most of the time aren’t followed. She is very stubborn and hot-headed. When she gets into a fight, she may not win, but they’ll know she was there.
She is not a big fan of popular clique, and all that jazz, if no one wants to sit with her that day, that’s fine with her. She’ll either pull out her pull out a book and get lost in it. She can be a flirt at times, but when she really likes a guy, she acts more like a friend with him. She also loves to draw landscapes, and animals, though she is not very good at drawing people, but she doesn’t consider herself an artist, it’s just what she likes to do sometimes. She often calls them ‘Just Doodles’. *Note: She was in a drawing mood when she named her cat.
Annabelle gets along with guys more than girls on average. She dresses girly some days and more boyish on others. The reason she doesn’t really get along with girl is she doesn’t like the drama that comes with it. She feels like she can trust guys more. And she can in her experience.

PATRONUS Her patronus is a Canadian Lynx. They are secretive and nocturnal. They are usually solitary but have been known to travel in small packs. They are also very territorial and protective of their young and those that happen to travel with them. Annabelle is the same way. She doesn’t trust easy, but when she does she is real protective. The only difference is she is quite a bit more social than they, but she occasionally is unsocial. It also happens that the Lynx is her favorite animal.
VERITAMSERUM Annabelle’s biggest secret Is that she’s never had a boyfriend. She plays it off and flirts normally, but she is secretly scared that someone will find out and she’ll be made fun of for it.
MIRROR OF ERISED Her biggest desire is to become an Auror. She wants to travel the world, fighting for good. Hey, it’s cliché but it’s her dream.
BOGGART Her biggest fear is dolls and puppets. Her mom had a collection of dolls and puppets and she hung them up in her room. Let’s just say, all of them staring at her in the dark as she fell asleep freaked her out and gave her nightmares.
AMMORTENTIA She loves the smell of fresh parchment, chocolate, and vanilla. She is attracted to things or people that can make her laugh. She is also attracted to things that are red, including her house color.

Height 5’ 7”
Weight 120 lbs
EYES Green most of the time, but she can change them to whatever she wants.
FACIAL FEATURES Can change at her will.
HAIR Ahh, she, being a metamorphmagus, can change her hair as she pleases. She often changes it on a daily basis, but usually it is wavy, whether it is long and extremely wavy, short and slightly wavy. She keeps it down on most days, usually only putting her hair up when she is playing Quidditch.
CLOTHING STYLE Normally she wears tight jeans and different blouses. She likes to wear flannels and just plain t-shirts and sometimes something a little more girly. Her normal shoes are converse, which vary in pattern and color, sometimes to match her outfit and sometimes to stand out from her outfit. Occasionally she'll dress up and wear heels.
OH, AND ALSO She normally keeps a tattooed letter “A” on her ankle, but she can change this.

MOTHER Amanda Michelle Vaughn. She and her mother get along really well. They talk about everything and often hang out together. Her mother is often pushy when Anna talks or hangs with a guy though, and it can sometimes be embarrassing. Her mother wishes she would be a little less tomboyish though but supports her daughter all the same.
FATHER Christopher Lynn Reese. Anna and her dad are extremely close. She is a total daddy’s girl and they often play Quidditch together. He is where she got her metamorphmagus abilities and they often find great humor in scaring or freaking out her mom.
BRIEF HISTORY She is the single daughter of Christopher Lynn Reese and Amanda Michelle Vaughn. Her father was a full blood metamorphmagus, while her mother was a halfblood. They met when her mother interviewed him as being one of the few, if not the only, full blood metamorphmagus higher up in the ministry. (They thought it might cause controversy for fear of false identification, and it had never happened before. Note: All allegations, and theories thereof, were false.) They decided to settle down in the country side of Britain. Her father only speaks small English words, so naturally, Anna can speak English and German. She grew up in a regular lifestyle. She went to a very small primary school during the day, but at night her parents would give her small magic lessons to get her used to magic. She grew up on a few acres of land, and a simple two story house. Her father ‘Flu Powers’ himself to the ministry every morning, while her mom, a retired journalist, works around the house and such. Pretty calm family, no divorces, no deaths, and no money issues. Her family has plenty money, and is alive and well.
As for her first years at Hogwarts, they went rather well. She didn’t quite have as much control over her metamorphmagus skill so it freaked her classmates out quite a bit when her hair turned an unusual shade of red or her eyes would suddenly change color. For a while, people would make fun of her for it and this made her all the more adamant about controlling it. Now, even though people are used to seeing it from her, she still rarely slips up and loses control. Other than that, she had a marvelous time. She got fairly good grades and joined the Quidditch team her second year and has been on ever since.

Hey there! I'm Belle. I tend to talk a lot and I love to roleplay! Some of my favorite things are converse, toaster strudels, hot tea, soccer, coffee, and of course Geminio. I have been a Harry Potter lover for a very long time. I also think Ryan Reynolds is *insert opposite of cold* & I absolutely love the band Allstar Weekend. Yeah, that Disney band. I also like the Jonas Brothers, but I am NOT, repeat not, a screaming Jonas fan! Haha I love to read, draw (though I am not very good), roleplay, take pictures, play soccer, and sleep. I am a night owl, you could say, so during the summer I am usually on at crazy times. So watch out! Rawr. :[ I am not completely confident in what I want to be when I graduate. It'd be cool to train killer whales, though, huh? I know I want to be an actress though. I am very passionate about it, so watch out for the big screen, cause here I come! I almost forgot. I have one dog and one cat. I lived in Germany for a few years, too. I am a pretty chill, laid back person.

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PostSubject: Re: Reese, Annabelle Katherine   Tue Jul 12, 2011 10:06 pm

If you could make the name at the top all caps that'd be great. Also, you need to change your username so that it includes a middle and last name, too. Lastly, could you add a paragraph or so to the history? Perhaps how her first few years at Hogwarts went? A few stories about bullies on her 'skill'?
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Reese, Annabelle Katherine
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