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     George, Camden Thalia

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    Camden Thalia George

    Camden Thalia George

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    PostSubject: George, Camden Thalia   Mon Jul 05, 2010 5:49 pm


    Hai, guise. You can call me Camden Thalia George.
    But, if you really know me, call
    Camden. I like
    to be given presents on

    October thirty-one.
    I turned sixteen
    on my last one. The hat sang
    me into
    Ravenclaw. I'll
    take you on with my
    twelve and three-quarter inch vinewood with
    thestral tail hair that's bendable and good for transfigurations
    . Guess what?
    I'm a
    half-blood. Do
    I care? You'll find out.
    Do you have a pet? Well, mine's
    name is
    Artemis and
    they're a
    Sometimes I get called Camilla Belle,
    but I like myself better.

    NAME Camden Thalia George
    AGE sixteen
    GENDER female
    PLAY-BY Camilla Belle
    SEXUALITY straight
    HOUSE Ravenclaw
    BLOOD STATUS half-blood
    ANIMAGUS a silver tortie tabby with long hair, unregistered

    LIKES Transfigurations – Reading – Her owl – Making a scene – Practicing new spells – Avoiding her family – The color red – Homework – Winter – Charms – Flying on her broom – Alone time – Eating
    DISLIKES Parties – Herbology – Guys who think they can get anybody – Drugs – Smoking – Defense Against the Dark Arts – Anybody who's money obbsessed – People who are in love with their own voice – Most boys– Her family

    GREATEST STRENGTH Camden has a really strong moral compass. She won't take things from anybody she thinks is wrong. She's very dedicated, whether to hobbies or friends, don't exepect Camden to give up easily. Intelligence is another strength. She's very clever.
    GREATEST WEAKNESS Camden's inability to trust is her greatest weakness. She doesn't take it upon herself to get to know anybody, and then it takes a lot to learn to trust them. She doesn't like beginning any conversations, therefore not giving her a lot of friends. Camden's pride is another one of her great downfalls.She hates being proven wrong and she'll never tell you she's sorry.
    PERSONALITY Camden’s an odd one. She tends to keep more to herself, though she will make a few friends. She likes sitting by the lake and reading or studying. The scent of pine and an old book in the late fall is like the best magic. Camden may or may not want to speak to you. It’s most likely a not if she’s got her nose in a book. Camden spends most of her time in secluded places.
    She does yoga and loves quidditch. Camden enjoys flying around the grounds in her spare time. Talk to her when she’s up in the air; she’ll most likely be in one of her better moods. Artemis could be flying with her, she likes to do that. If you can’t find Camden and need to, though it might be a bad idea, you could try looking in the Library, maybe even lurking in the Transfiguration’s classroom. She’s a teacher’s pet to her favorite teachers, but a pain to her others. Transfigurations is her best subject, her wand is even specifically designed for it.
    Camden’s reclusive nature may lead you to believe that she’s shy and innocent, but that’s where you’d be wrong. Camden will not shy away from someone pestering her, though it is better if you didn’t. Her tongue is worse than her wand. She’s strongly opinionated and will defend her opinion to the last remark. Even then, Camden will rarely admit she is wrong. Her pride is huge, though her ego is not.
    Camden's rebellious nature is her strongest personality trait. She won't turn down the chance to make the biggest scene possible. Most teachers love her for her intelligence, but hate her for her rebelliousness. It's a love/hate thing that seems to work. Camden’s not the girl to be openly flirty. She usually doesn’t flirt mainly because she doesn’t know how. She’s terrible at holding conversations with boys she has crushes on, when that does occur. She surprises herself sometimes with this

    PATRONUS Her patronus would take the form of a snow leopard, silent, solitary, but deadly. The patronus used to activate is a single memory of when she and her family were having a picnic by the ocean and everybody was happy. It was before their divorce.
    VERITAMSERUM Camden doesn't like people to know that she's an animagus. She made her one her third year. It's to keep her privacy.
    MIRROR OF ERISED Her greatest desire is to become an auror for the Ministry of Magic. She really would like to be able to keep playing Quidditch, too, but she focuses on her studies so that she can accomplish her goal.
    BOGGART Camden's biggest fear is opening up to someone only to have them stomp on her heart. She's terrified of trusting people. And she doesn't want her secrets spilled.
    AMMORTENTIA The best smell to Camde is a library. The scent of parchment and old leather allows her to relax. She also loves the smell of honeysuckle and dogwoods. It's a bit random, but there are some of those at her home in London.

    HEIGHT 5'2"
    WEIGHT 125lbs
    EYES Her eyes are average size. She doesn't recieve comments like, “You have such big eyes.” OR “Your eyes are small.” They're normal sized. Her eyes also match he hair color. They don't sit at any sort of angle. They're horizontal. Camden plucks her eye brows though to give the illusion of an angle. She has very thick eye brows, so much plucking is needed.
    FACIAL FEATURES Camden has a very thin nose. It's nothing incredibly special, but different.
    HAIR Camden's hair hangs just around her shoulders.She likes to keep it short and managable. It's incredibily thick and curly, So she doesn't like to do much with it. It's full of thick ringlettes. She has diagnal bang that cover one eye. The color could be compared to dark chocolate.
    CLOTHING STYLE Camden wears whatever she wants to wear. She's got a rebellious nature, so her clothes match that. Accessories and jewelry are her favorite. Feathers and lace are the best. When it comes to pants, Camden hates them.
    She prefer skirts and shorts. Jeggings can hold her inerest. She likes them thin and comfortable. For shirts, it's really anything she finds cute. Camden's a boutique shoppr and will buy anything she finds cute. Don't try and buy her clothes as a gift. Her taste is much too random.
    OH, AND ALSO Camden has a tattoo on the top of her left hand on the skin between her thumb and pointer finger. It's of a dove. Camden has quite a few piercings. She keeps hoops in her ear at all times running down the tops. The bottom are usually a stud of some sort. Her belly button is pierced, too. She also wears lots of rings, toe or finger.

    MOTHER Lucy Tylers is Camden's mother. The two aren't that close. She lives with her mom during the summer because her father bans all magic. Lucy likes to try and know everything about her daughter's school life, but she doesn't want to say.
    FATHER Blaise George is a muggle man who happened to get a young, reckless witch pregnant. They had a quick marriage ceremony. At the ate of six, he left Camden. She spent time with him, but she was never allowed to use magic. (Camden used a lot of underage magic before her letter.) The two do not get along. Camden doesn't like her dad. At all.
    BRIEF HISTORY The Georges have always lived in England. Camden’s mother was a witch, but fell in love with a muggle man. Camden grew up with a mixed culture. At the age of six, Camden’s parents got a divorce. Camden spent most of her time with her mother, learning about Witchcraft and Wizardry. She also spent most of the time cursing about her father. She formed the idea that most relationships were eventually doomed. She doesn't really trust males now. Her mother is her hero and she hates that her father hurt her so.
    But sometimes she would spend time with her father, who band the mentioning of magic. This allowed Camden's rebellious nature to thrive. Until she recieved her letter from Hogwarts, Camden used a bit too much underage magic. Her mother thought this was hilarious.
    Once Camden got to Hogwarts, her first two years were her adjusting to the fact that she couldn't do whatever she wanted. Instead, Camden began practicing magic alone all the time. She got very good at transfigurations. Her owl, Artemis was her only first her first two years.
    After that, friends became difficult to come by. The other kids viewed her as a bit of a social outcast. During her third year, a group of kids decided to start picking on her. Camden ended up turning them all into toads. Her don't-you-dare-mess-with-me attitude really began to snowball after this inccident. Kids stopped messing with her and just left her alone. Camden grew to appreciate the silence.

    I'm Rina! I've been on Neo straight for the past three years or so. But I've been off and on Neo since it first opened. I've been apart of the Harry Potter guild scene for about three years starting with Morsmordre. I've always role played some how on Neo. It started with Warriors guild many, many years ago.

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    George, Camden Thalia
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