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     Langley, Carter Blake

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    Carter Blake Langley

    Carter Blake Langley

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    PostSubject: Langley, Carter Blake   Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:14 pm


    Hai, guise. You can call me Carter Blake Langley.
    But, if you really know me, call
    Blake. I like
    to be given presents on

    January fourth.
    I turned seventeen
    on my last one. The hat sang
    me into
    Slytherin. I'll
    take you on with my
    10" dogwood with a snidget feather core wand. Guess what?
    I'm a
    pureblood. Do
    I care? You'll find out.
    Do you have a pet? Well, mine's
    name is
    Juliet and
    they're a
    Sometimes I get called Blake Lively,
    but I like myself better.

    NAME Carter Blake Langley
    AGE seventeen
    GENDER female
    PLAY-BY Blake Lively
    SEXUALITY straigt
    HOUSE Slytherin
    BLOOD STATUS pureblood

    LIKES Quidditch -- her firebolt -- chocolate frogs -- the number 3 -- her hair -- comfortable clothes -- spending time with her dad -- dancing -- her cat -- mornings -- boys
    DISLIKES lots of alcohol -- drugs -- anything illegal -- smoking -- wild parties -- prejudice peope -- full moons -- mint-flavored things -- winter

    GREATEST STRENGTH Carter is very comfortable with who she is. She's accepted every trait that she has, including her 'problem'. She's one of the best fliers that the wizading world has ever seen. Carter has a really good sense of humour and loves to make people smile.
    GREATEST WEAKNESS Carter's greatest weakness is that she is afraid to disappoint. She doesn't want her family to be let down, or herself for that matter, if she doesn't make it in Quidditch. This has driven her to practice hard. Also, that she doesn't want to disappoint her friends with her 'little secret' so it also keeps her from telling.
    PERSONALITY To begin with, you may want to know that Carter' a werewolf. She's come to terms with her 'disability' and has no problem with it. However, she hides it really well and for her whole life nobody has guessed it. However, she's dying to find somebody that she can trust with her little 'problem'. Carter's very much into the whole Prince Charming kind of romance.
    Carter is really awkward when you first get to know her. She's clumsy and sometimes gets uncomfortable too quickly. You'd never guess that's she's a phenomenal flier or dancer. The two are very much Carter's favorite hobbies and she's very graceful at both. She just lacks the grace all the time.
    Carter is a little O.C.D. sometimes, too. She has a Langley heirloom ring on her finger that she spins in incremints of three whenever she feels uncomfortable, making the other party a little awkward, too. There's also a ritual that she does before every quidditch match by popping all her fingers three times. It's worked so far.
    Carter isn't the brightest witch out there. She's never done very well in any of her classes, but she's not horrible. This may have something to do with the fact that she'd drop her homework for a chance to practice. The only class that she's ever excelled in without try is potions. Nobody knows why, but her father likes to joke that it's her body wanting to make wolfsbane potions.
    She likes to laugh and have fun. Whenever she's not hiding in the hospital wing, Carter is trying to make people laugh or laugh herself. She's all for a good smile. Her's happens to be pretty good, too.

    PATRONUS Carter's patronus is a falcon. It's this because of the way a falcon is the fastest flying bird. I represents her by always going for it's target, no matter the distance. Her happiest moment is when her father first put her on a broomstick and allowed her to go where she pleased.
    VERITAMSERUM Carter is werewolf. She is afraid of getting drunk and spilling the beans to someone who shouldn't know. She's also dying to tell, but can't find anybody worthy of telling. Perhaps one day she'll find somebody she truly trusts enough to share.
    MIRROR OF ERISED Ever since she was young enough to walk, Carter has been on brooms. She's always wanted nothing more than to fly. Now that she is older, her greatest wish is to play seeker for the Holy Head Harpies. Her parents encourage this dream.
    BOGGART Carter's biggest fear is having the school find out that she's a werewolf and being rejected by everyone. She likes having friends and hanging out with people. She is afriad that people will no longer want to be around her. She's also afraid of full moons and having to turn.
    AMMORTENTIA The best smells to Carter are freshly mowed lawns, broomsticks, and rubber. All of these are something found on a Quidditch field. She also enjoys the smell of freshly painted walls. She knows it's bad, but loves it anyway.

    HEIGHT 5'10"
    WEIGHT 155lbs
    EYES Carter's eyes are a light gray color. They have specks of green in them, but are mostly a pale gray. She has small eyes that 'smile' when she does.
    FACIAL FEATURES Carter has a very pretty smile. It makes others smile when she does.
    HAIR Carter's hair is long and blonde. She loves her hair. It's actually her favorite feature. It's got soft, loose ringlettes that hang around her waist. As much as she loves her hair, she's usually got it braided down her back or up in a pony tail for practice.
    When she goes out, it's hanging around her face. It's very easy to manage. She just puts a little curling spray in it an lets it go free. Her hair naturally waves.
    CLOTHING STYLE What else would Carter wear except gym shorts and tank tops. She really could care less about what she's wearing, so long as it's okay to fly in. Old, worn in jeans and a tank top are her favorite wardrobe. However,when she has to dress up to go out, Carter will find something cute to wear. She doesn't have the most expensive taste, or best for that matter. Carter does like button-ups, though!
    Carter does have a taste for shoes. It's a bit cliche, but she loves getting new shoes. She'd go anywhere or do anything to find a new, cute pair.
    OH, AND ALSO Carter always seems to smell like broom polish. It's not perfume, though.

    MOTHER Carter's mother is named Draviesa. She and her daughter have had a good relationship. They've been close, but not nearly as close as with her father. Draviesa gets a little jealous sometimes and gets clingy around her daughter. This sort of pushes Carter away more.
    As for the werewolf thing, Draviesa hasn't ever been quiet 'there' for her daughter. She likes to ignore the fact that once a month her daughter hides in the basement. Draviesa usually spends this time hiding in the kitchen cooking nonstop.
    FATHER Carter and her father have had a great relationship. Even though her dad was disappointed that Carter was a girl and would not carry the family name on, the two are as thick as thieves. Blake Langley played for a professional Quidditch team and hopes that his daughter will, too. They practice together a lot.
    Blake actually likes to joke about the fact that his daughter is a werewolf. Him being able to talk about it allows Carter to feel more comfortable. Blake became an animagus just to be able to watch his daughter before they could afford Wolf's Bane potion. He can turn into a shire horse.
    BRIEF HISTORY Let's start with when Carter was five. This was when she was bitten by a werewolf and had her life changed forever. She was attacked while camping. Her parents began special ordering the wolfsbane potion ever since. They get it through an alias so that nobody knows where it's actually going. They're very careful with their daughter. The only person at Hogwarts to know is the nurse, and she's sworn in by doctor-patient confidentiality. She's okay with being werewolf, just avoid her for a small portion of each month.
    At first, Carter's parents were in shock. (Who wouldn't be?) They kept to themselves for a while. It wasn't until Carter got comfortable with it that her parents did, too. She would make casual jokes (in private) about it. Soon, the weirdness of it sort of faded. Carter's parents told her that she was free to treat the secret how she wanted to, or even if she wanted to keep it a secret.
    As Carter got older, she began to realize that she really didn't want anybody to know she was a werewolf because of all the prejucides she heard from families. When she turned eleven, Carter made the choice to keep her wolfy problem a closely guarded secret while she attended Hogwarts.
    Looking at the Quidditch side, growing up, Carter learned to fly with all sorts of brooms. She's practiced with many kinds, but has always had a knack for the light, speedy brooms. Her father gave her a firebolt for her fifth birthday. It was her favorite gift. Carter has been practicing Quidditch since as far back as she can remember.

    Hai, guise. I'm Rina. I've been role playing for about four years now? I really don't know. I started with Warriors and have moved to a bunch of things. Yummypinapplez is my main account, but I have a few others.

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    Langley, Carter Blake
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