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 Poppy Noelle Grey

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Poppy Noelle Grey

Poppy Noelle Grey

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PostSubject: Poppy Noelle Grey   Thu Jul 15, 2010 11:09 pm

Poppy Noelle Grey

Insanely beautiful.

December 21; 18 years
Slytherin, 7th
Walnut 12 1/2; unyeilding

Poppy has little knowledge of her past. She was dumped in an orphanage when she was born with nothing to her but a name and a locket. The name, Grey, was on the locket, but there was no explanation as to who the family was. Completely surprised, Poppy received a letter from Hogwarts. Her first year helped her figure out a lot. She found out more about being a witch and she also learned that her locket was one of the only heirlooms to the Grey family, a pureblood magical family that had one living descendent: Draviesa Langley. Draviesa had one known daughter, Aedynn Langley who attended Howarts and was in Poppy’s house.

One day, Poppy purposefully flashed the locket to Aedynn, who immediately recognized it. Aedynn told her mother that summer, who quickly invited Poppy for a visit. Poppy arrived hoping to hear that she was her long lost daughter who had been given up and then lost due to some terrible incident and that her father was the pureblooded man who greeted her warmly. However, Draviesa explained that her sister, Noelle, was Poppy’s mother.

Her aunt filled in what she knew of Poppy’s life. Her mother had fallen in love with a death eater, whose blood status was unknown to her. Noelle had joined the death eaters to get closer to the man. Noelle then became pregnant, but did not tell the father because at this point she was ashamed of what the death eaters did. She fled in hopes to have her daughter be free of the dark ways, but not before asking Draviesa for help, who had been unable to help at the time since she was pregnant also.

In the end, Noelle had been forced to abandon her only daughter and rejoin the ranks of the death eaters to protect her child’s life. She was killed when Poppy was ten by those who were mad at death eaters and what they had done, a year before Poppy located her family. Poppy still wants to find her father, although she has no idea if he is still alive or wants to see her, but she wants to know her true blood status.

Poppy was invited to live with her aunt, uncle, and cousin. Poppy accepted glad to never return to the orphanage. She has affection for her aunt since she’s the closest thing to her mother. She likes her uncle, but not as much as her aunt. Poppy hates Aedynn. Secretly, she’s jealous of her.

Poppy is very misleading. Some think she’s a tad bipolar. She’s simply neurotic to the end’s degree. Poppy is very passionate, which makes her seem overwhelming sometimes. She yells and screams, although you’d most likely find her in a shower bawling afterwards. She hates almost everybody, but she does have friends… a very select few who know how to keep her… shall we say tame?

Poppy isn’t slutty. She’s daring and very flirty, however it’s not all the time. When Poppy gets depressed, she will go find a boy and “have fun” with him. She’s a very good kisser. Poppy doesn’t do this to be a slut. She does this to rid her mind of everything. She tried this once with alcohol, but hated the sensation of being pathetic when drunk.

Some people are afraid of Poppy, though she’s not evil. She’s a little bit of a control freak, so she likes to feel like she’s in power. She’s devious and isn’t afraid to use tricks and blackmail to get what she wants, which explains her patronus being a fox. Poppy’s into being an amazing witch. She’s a fantastic dueler, although she’s not the most clever. It’s more brutal power and overwhelming strength. She hates Quidditch because she thinks it’s a waste of time and effort. Her and Aedynn don’t get along and it might be a good idea to avoid them if they clash.

Poppy has a major obsession with candy. Her favorite is cherry lollypops. You can usually find her eating some. Why? She feels it has always been there and always will be. It’s part of her insanity.

Poppy is 5’4” and 125lbs. Poppy has a square jaw and high cheekbones. Her eye brows arch incredibly high to match her high features. Poppy has full lips, much like her cousin. She has light gray eyes and red hair. Her hair is long and wavy and she likes to just wear it down. Her wardrobe includes jeans, sweaters, and button ups. She dresses preppy when she can, but is fine wearing her robes. Poppy likes to wear heels to make her feel taller, although a nice pair of converses wouldn’t hurt either.
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Poppy Noelle Grey
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