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 Chun, Hahn Young

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Hahn Young Chun

Hahn Young Chun

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PostSubject: Chun, Hahn Young   Chun, Hahn Young EmptyMon Jul 18, 2011 11:24 pm

Chun, Hahn Young Tumblr_lgzue5bWha1qenwoao1_500
Chun, Hahn Young Title1
Hai, guise. You can call me Hahn Young Chun.
But, if you really know me, call
Hahn. I like
to be given presents on

April second.
I turned seventeen
on my last one. The hat sang
me into
Hufflepuff. I'll
take you on with my
cherrywood 12" demiguise hair. Guess what?
I'm a
muggle born. [color=#00734e]Do
I care? You'll find out.
Sometimes I get called Harry Shum,
but I like myself better.

Chun, Hahn Young Title2
NAME Hahn Young Chun
AGE seventeen
PLAY-BY Harry Shum
SEXUALITY straight
HOUSE Hufflepuff
BLOOD STATUS muggle born

LIKES parties ● girls ● alcohol ● loud music ● clothes ● brooms ● hosting events ● hamburgers ● going fast ● being himself ● music ● tattoos
DISLIKES fakers ● doing an excessive amount of drugs ● studying ● people who diss ● purebloods who think they're the shit ● girls who are sluts for attention (although who hooks up with them) ● rock music ● man piercing ● people who think they're musically talented ● reading

GREATEST STRENGTH Hahn's greatest strength is his ability to go with anything. He's very laid back and hardly cares about anything. He has few prejudices and will be nice to anybody so long as they don't annoy him. He just enjoys a fun life.
GREATEST WEAKNESS Hahn is lazy. He doesn't like to get things done unless it involves doing it in a fun manner. School work comes last on his list and he hardly ever does his homework. He hardly ever puts forth an effort, unless it's something he truly cares about.
PERSONALITY Hahn is probably the most laid back person you'd ever meet. He's cool with just sitting around all day with some friends and watching movies or talking and laughing. However, during the night, Hahn is wanting to host parties and be there. Hahn is also that really cool kid that you just want to be friends with. Go to a party of his and you'd find him sitting in the back on a couch with girls possibly on him, but he really wouldn't be thinking too much of it. He's probably looking for a girl who's just being herself.
His laid-back nature also causes him to be a bit lazy. He hardly studies, but maintains his average grades. He doesn't like to put forth much effort into anything, unless he really cares about it. Hahn cares mostly for his music and friends. Although Hahn likes Quidditch, he mainly loves going fast. He's known for his risky maneuvers. He also never gets too worked up about losing.
As for music, Hahn is very big into it. He's played the piano since he was a small child and still loves to do this. Currently, Hahn is teaching himself to play the guitar. He writes few songs and sings fewer. Although sometimes you may find him playing and singing something on the piano. As for dancing, Hahn can't get enough of it and isn't too bad either.
Hahn is very free-natured and friendly. He talks to just about anybody so long as they don't piss him off. Practically everybody is invited to his events, unless you somehow harm the vibe of it or tick off one of his closer friends.
Deep, deep down, Hahn wants nothing more than to find a girl and settle down. He aims to work somewhere in the ministry as a party or event planner. Although he's got experience with quite a few 'extravagant' girls, he doesn't care for them nor want to ever date them. Hahn likes the girl that is okay with herself and is willing to open up to him.

PATRONUS His patronus is a stallion. This free-spirited creature does what it wants and is always enjoying itself. Hahn uses a photo of his mother planting in the garden while smiling up at his father, who was taking the picture. Hahn imagines the scene and finds himself incredibly happy when he does.
VERITAMSERUM Although Hahn seems like a pimp almost, he secretly wants a serious relationship and a girl he can love deeply. Nobody really knows this though.
MIRROR OF ERISED Hahn's greatest desire is to find someone who he loves as much as his father loved his mother. He is a romantic in that sense, but he would be fine to never find it, but he won't settle for less.
BOGGART If he were to encounter a boggart, Hahn would find that it turns to him chained down. He hates feeling restricted.
AMMORTENTIA The smell that most attracts Hahn is roses. The smell makes him believe that there is a true love out there for him. He really enjoys the smell old paper. It makes him think of old music.

HEIGHT 5'11"
WEIGHT 155lbs
EYES Everybody always wants to mention his very asian eyes. They tilt, of course. He couldn't care less.
FACIAL FEATURES Hahn has high cheek bones with prominent features. He's got an oval-shaped face with sharper angles than most.
HAIR Hahn really enjoys his hair. He keeps it cut fairly short, but leaves enough to style. There's usually some sort of product in it at all times. Rarely will you find him, hair wet and hanging in his face. But you might on his laziest of days.
CLOTHING STYLE Hahn may come off as a little metrosexual by his clothing style. Hahn loves dressing himself and will do so with pride. Slightly baggy jeans are his favorite type of pants. You'll find that he has many, many pairs of them in all variation of colors.
As for shirt styles, Hahn likes tighter fitting shirts, but not weirdly tight. Funny tees are his favorite. He loves cardigans and converses, too. You may even find him with a few leather bracelets up his arms. He can't stand man-piercings though. They gross him out.
OH, AND ALSO Hahn has quite a few tattoos. To start with, Hahn has a music note on the bottom side of his left wrist. On his right shoulder, wrapping down his arm is a thorny rose. The rose ends on his bicep. His last tattoo is on his left side. It's of a wand going up his side. Wrapped around it is a banner which reads, "That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet." He applies it to blood status because of his history.

MOTHER Hahn's mother is his greatest idol, though he's never met her. Mai died giving birth to her only son. She was known for her incredibly accepting, kind nature. Mai loved all things and hated no one. Hahn wishes he could have known his mother.
FATHER Hahn's father, Victor, was too in love with Mai to ever marry again. He loves his son beyond anything else and would give the world for him. He likes to tell his son stories of Mai.
The Chun's are a second generation asian-british family. There was nothing out of the ordinary about Mai or Victor's parents. They came to the UK for a job opportunity. Both families were hard-working. Mai and Victor and instantly fell in love. Victor had begun a new winery, which as fast as his love for Mai grew, his wealth did, too. Soon, Victor had piled in quite a bit of money. He asked Mai to marry him, to which she happily agreed. The two moved to the countryside and owned a large grape farm while Mai grew her second favorite love: roses.
After only a short time married, Mai had Hahn, which she died giving birth to. Even though Victor was devastated, he raised Hahn well. When Hahn turned eleven, his magical abilities surfaced. Being a muggle born, the headmaster himself came to greet the Chuns and explain what was happening. Still, Victor showed no resentment to his son and gladly helped him to his first year at Hogwarts.
The first few years flew by quickly for Hahn. He soon discovered a love for Quidditch. Flying and going fast soon peaked his interest along with his love for music. During his second year, Hahn purchased a broom and began playing chaser for the Hufflepuff team.
During his fourth year, Hahn began attending parties. He got into alcohol and girls. His grades remained the same however, which were average while below in a few. His fifth year was the first time Hahn discovered his love for hosting parties and soon became known for his extravagant and boisterous events. His sixth year was full of surprises and his seventh begins with hopes of other students wanting to get an invitation.

Chun, Hahn Young Title3
I think I've been role playing around seven years... I think. That's how long I've been on Neo and I have always role played. It started with Warriors and now it's HP. Yay. I love Neo and don't think I'll ever give it up.

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Chun, Hahn Young
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