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 Aiden Jackson Mariot

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Aiden Jackson Mariot

Aiden Jackson Mariot

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PostSubject: Aiden Jackson Mariot   Sat May 21, 2011 4:13 pm

Name: Aiden Jackson Mariot
Roleplayed By: theatr
Blood Type: Halfblood
House: Ravenclaw
Age: 17, 6th year
Birthday: January 16
Pet: Owl - Marian
Wand: 14" oak with dragon heartstring core
Broom: Firebolt Gold
Patronus: Lion
Animagus: None, too lazy
Amortentia: ~ Soap ~ New car ~ Wood ~ Chocolate ~
Boggart: His mom and dad, dead

Likes: ~ Quidditch ~ Women ~ Humor ~ Muggle sports ~ Muggle/Magical History ~ Guitar ~
~ Architecture ~ Fencing ~ Cigars ~ Liquor ~ Cussing ~

Dislikes: ~ People who assume merit based on house ~ Cheaters ~ Slobs ~ Sluts ~
~ Responsibility ~ Studying ~ Goths ~

Family: Aiden was born into a wealthy family in Flintshire, Wales. His young (17) muggle mother got pregnant after a one night stand with a man who she was not aware was a wizard. When Aiden was born it shocked his mother's body so badly she went into a coma for the first seven years of his life. Those first seven years he spent in his "grandmother's care". (His muggle grandmum was terrified of the boy and the magical abilities he showed at an early age, and sent him to live in her maids quarters where he was raised by a woman named Martha.) He grew up not knowing he was special or rich and not really caring. He spent most of his childhood building his tree fort and playing games with the maid's son until his mother woke up. Disturbed by how her mother treated her special son, she picked up and moved the two of them to a small apartment outside in Exetor, Devon. In this new place, Aiden learned to love history and architecture from a man named Eric Porter, a museum curator and studying architect, who later became is stepfather. Aiden's mother and father supported his magic, helping their son the best they could.

About: Aiden is extremely intelligent but he lacks the drive to study and most of the time barely gets by. Not that he cares as he'd rather be known for his looks then his smarts. He's ambitious with dreams of being a magical architect, helping to maintain and create magical buildings, a pro Quidditch played, or a guitarist in an alternative rock band. He loves humor and most of his friends enjoy his company mostly for his witty remarks and jokes. Most of the time, besides being a bit of a big-headed prat who hides his intellect behind his sporty appearance, he's a chill easy going guy.

Appearance: He keeps his dirty blonde/light brown hair cut short and out of his way for both Quidditch and fencing. He's around 6'2", 180lbs - lean and muscular, not a body builder. His most attractive feature is his brilliant blue eyes, which he likes to say match his Ravenclaw Quidditch uniform perfectly.
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Aiden Jackson Mariot
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