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 Friend or foe, you just will never know who can you trust, in a world that's oh so cold.

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Violet Miakoda Buxton

Violet Miakoda Buxton

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PostSubject: Friend or foe, you just will never know who can you trust, in a world that's oh so cold.   Fri Jul 29, 2011 8:31 am

Despite Carter sending her away to sleep, Violet had been awake, tossing and turning in her bed all night. Constant thoughts running through her head. The wind had been thrashing against the windows all night, which only added to the fear which was bursting to escape her body. She find solace by hiding under the covers all night. When her fellow Hufflepuff girls came to check on her, that way she at least looked like she was sleeping. She listened throughout to the quite snores of the other girls, the hoots of the owls in the Owlery, and the sound of the wind; it all added to the already tense atmosphere.

She literally crawled out of bed the next morning; her eyes were heavy and blood shot. Even after staying awake for hours on end, she still couldn’t work it out in her head. She raced over to send Carter a message on the WWWW, telling her that she would meet her in the empty Charms classroom on the third floor in half an hour. Then she logged off. She was still hurt from her lies. Violet wasn’t even sure Carter would turn up, she usually left herself logged in when she wasn’t there so she might not have received the message. She sighed heavily and opened her curtain, the sun was bright and burning her eyes. Groaning slightly, she pulled on some skinny jeans and a plain grey, baggy t shirt with her white converses. She didn’t even brush her hair before he left, not caring what anyone thought of her, because like Carter, they probably lied to her too.

Violet made her way to the empty classroom, avoiding eye contact with everyone she saw on the way. She was pretty sure she had seen Hahn in a corner. She had realised from her talk in The Three Broomsticks with Carter that she did have feelings for him, no matter how much she tried to convince herself she didn’t. Keeping her head down, she finally made it to the empty room. She wandered around whilst waiting for Carter, touching the difference ornaments and forgotten parchment. Violet didn’t yet know what she was going to say to Carter. She had just decided to go with the flow and base the start on the conversation on how Carter presented herself. But if she was expecting sympathy, she better think again because once Violet was upset, she only cared for herself.

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Carter Blake Langley

Carter Blake Langley

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PostSubject: Re: Friend or foe, you just will never know who can you trust, in a world that's oh so cold.   Fri Jul 29, 2011 12:43 pm

✗ ✗ ✗ ———————►&& ℘.s. ᶴ ℓ٥ﻻ ﻉ√٥υ♥

This post is especially for VIOLET BUXTON. And it's got 343 WORDS in it.

The rest of the night had been rough for Carter. She didn't get the sleep she wanted. Instead she had laid under a tree for an hour or so until the residence of the tree, an angry bird, decided that she was too close to its nest. The creature had dive-bombed her until she was a good distance from the tree. This left her with scratched up her arms.

Once the sun was out and the moon hidden, Carter was human once more. Her hair was unruly beyond belief. She headed to the showers immediately like always to wash the dirt from her body. After a quick shower, Carter hopped onto her computer, hoping to find Violet on the WWWW. She wasn't. There was a message from her though. Feeling hesitant, Carter clicked the tiny x and headed towards the charms classroom.

Going down all the steps through the masses of people was horrible. It felt like everybody was staring at her. She felt like her secret was out and now everybody hated her. The paranoia was killing her by the time she sauntered into the classroom. Violet was already there.

Carter cleared her throat to announce her arrival. She tugged on one of the rolled up sleeves of her white button down. The scratches were partially visible. Her jeans covered the ones on her legs. Taking a deep breath she finally spoke.

"Just say that you don't trust me anymore and get it over with," the pain of it all was killing her. Carter could tell just by the look in her best friend's eyes that she didn't like the fact that Carter had kept this from her, but she had the right to not tell her. Just look how she was reacting now.

Even last year, Carter was still trying to accept herself. She didn't have the ability or self-will to tell anybody. It was only this year that she was finally able to accept it. How could she try to have somebody else accept her when she didn't accept herself.

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Friend or foe, you just will never know who can you trust, in a world that's oh so cold.
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