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 Buxton, Violet Miakoda

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Violet Miakoda Buxton

Violet Miakoda Buxton

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PostSubject: Buxton, Violet Miakoda   Buxton, Violet Miakoda EmptySun Jul 10, 2011 2:23 pm

Buxton, Violet Miakoda 1zv8whj
Hai, guise. You can call me Violet Miakoda Buxton.
But, if you really know me, call
Vi, Mia, Viola. I like
to be given presents on

1st February.
I turned seventeen
on my last one. The hat sang
me into
Hufflepuff. I'll
take you on with my
10 ¼” Willow and Hippogriff Talon. Guess what?
I'm a
Half-blood. Do
I care? You'll find out.
Do you have a pet? Well, mine's
name is
Boogle and
they're a
black barn owl.
Sometimes I get called Taylor Momsen,
but I like myself better.

Buxton, Violet Miakoda Title2
NAME Violet Miakoda Buxton.
AGE Seventeen.
GENDER Female.
PLAY-BY Taylor Momsen.
SEXUALITYStraight, as far as I know.
HOUSE Hufflepuff.
BLOOD STATUS Half-blood.

LIKES Studying new spells and charms. Boogle. Being with family. Partying (for all work and no play makes Violet a very unhappy girl).A variety of music; classical, rap, rock mainly. Playing the keyboard and guitar. Going for walks in the Hogwarts grounds. Meeting people who aren't dull or childish. Going on adventures. Lakes.D.A.D.A class. Helping others. Alcohol.Make-up. Tight fitting clothes. Sneaking around Hogwarts late at night. Eating sweets.

DISLIKES Arrogance. Restrictions. Being inside for too long. History of Magic (yawn).Meat. Irritating people. Drinking water. Ignorance. Rebellions. Liars. Competitive sports. Judgmental people. Failing grades.

GREATEST STRENGTH Violet’s greatest strength, or perhaps weakness, is that she always says how she feels no matter what the subject matter. She has very strong beliefs and isn't ashamed to air them in public, particularly on the matter of her being a Half-blood.
This leads to another great strength of Violet’s; she is very loyal. Her family often joke that she should have been sorted into Gryffindor because of how loyal she is. If she sees a friend in trouble, she will always be the first running to aid them, despite whether it may be dangerous or not.

GREATEST WEAKNESS Violet’s main weakness is her temperamental personality. She has ridiculous mood swings which often lead to her losing friends and causing many arguments. She has been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in the Muggle world but in the magic world, she is either accepted for it or bullied. When she is feeling good or “manic” she will often be the girl seen chatting in a hyper way to friends or trying to have fun, but when she is “depressive” she will be seen as the loner. Unfortunately, no one, not even herself can judge when the mood swings will happen.

PERSONALITY Some would say that Violet is just a typical teenage girl. And I guess, in a way she is. She loves to have a good time. She loves sneaking around and finding private parties being held in the Hogwarts rooms, especially when Butterbeer has been snuck in. However, she also knows how to have a good time when she is merely wandering the grounds outside. She’ll sometimes sneak off into the Forbidden Forest, in order to try and find a Centaur to talk to or another unseen magical creature.
She enjoys to study, and going to classes (although she does skip the odd one) because she is an avid learner. When her wand chose her, she was told that she would be good at Charms so hence that is her favourite lesson. She likes to sit in lesson, twirling her wand around practicing different charms. She is a high achiever in her studies and has never failed a class (touch wood) and to have a failing grade would send her into a spiral of bad behavior. She likes being the best at what she is good at, and although she isn't that competitive, she will offer a bit of rivalry to anyone who tries to steal her limelight in class.
Violet also likes to be alone. Although most of the time she is seen with a few classes, she also likes to avoid people when she skips classes or on weekends, which is quote opposing to her “party girl” image. Often when she is alone she listens to rap music such as Tupac, DMX or Bones Thugs N Harmony. She likes to think a lot about her family, about her future and whether she will ever truly be happy.
Violet doesn't see herself as having any particular skills. She isn't talented on a broomstick, she has no sports abilities, but she can play the guitar and keyboard. Unfortunately she rarely performs in front of people because she has very low self esteem. Some girls see Violet as a bit of an attention seeker and someone who loves herself because of the way she dresses. But the truth is, Violet only dresses like that to try and make it seem like she is the girl who has everything – the clothes, the money and the personality to match. But inside, she's just a frightened girl who sees nothing but an ugly disaster when she looks in the mirror.
Violet is also a very shy person at first. It takes a very long time for her to eventually like someone, even as a person. She's not arrogant, she just knows that people are easily persuaded so she doesn't like to put her hopes into someone. She finds people quite immature and irritating and the people who she "hangs" with are actually people that she finds quite annoying (in fact she is on the verge of becoming a loner).

PATRONUS Violet’s patronus is a black panther. This is because black panthers are intelligent, powerful and exotic and these traits can often be seen in Violet, if you get to know her. They are animals which portray strength and people are at first fearful of them but realise their true beauty after discovering their true personality.
To summon her patronus, Violet thinks back to when she was around 8 years old. Her Mother is a Muggle so they used to go camping all the time. She went camping with her family in a place called Devon, but they chose the wrong weekend to go. They were having a lovely time, until they went to the shops, came back and discovered all the tents had been blown in the air. Everyone except for theirs because they had a tent which was about five years old and was ridiculously heavy and big. She can remember that time exactly because everyone burst into bouts of laughter and she had never laughed more with her family.
She knows it's not a particularly funny image for everyone else, but it holds dear memories for her, and it makes her heart warm just thinking about it.

VERITAMSERUM Violet’s darkest secret is that she is in a huge battle with herself. Often, people just see her and assume they already know everything about her from her appearance. But she has many problems. She has battled everything from self harm, eating disorders and depression. Though she never talks about it, she wants to. She wants someone to know that she isn’t all she seems.
And though she appears to have many friends, she merely just knows people by name. Violet is fake. She’s the girl who everyone misjudges and all she wants is someone to talk to. Someone who will really get to know her, and won’t just say she’s being a hormonal teenager.

MIRROR OF ERISED Violet’s greatest desire is to work in the Ministry of Magic, but she knows that she’ll be lucky to get out of Hogwarts alive. She sees herself in ten years time; happy and with a family. She wants to help create peace in the magical world and to stop the wars that keep on occurring. She sees herself looking in the mirror and finally liking what she sees; she’s more than her half-blood status, and more than her appearance; she’s finally making a difference in the world.

BOGGART violet is a big wimp, and has many fears. However, her biggest fear would be to be surrounded by hundreds of insects; especially spiders. Despite being a witch and living in the magical world, she doesn't seen insects as natural. The way that they crawl around, have more legs/eyes than any other creature freaks her out an insane amount. Even just seeing the smallest of spiders will make her scream like a little girl.

AMMORTENTIA Violet's favourite attraction is definitely humour. She has a dry, dark and twisted sense of humour most of the time which takes a lot to get used to, and anyone who can crack this will instantly make her fall for them. However, when she is in one of her better moods she will laugh at childish things. She also attracted to people who she can have an intelligent conversation with, and someone who can hold an intelligent conversation for a long time without getting bored.
Obviously, like all teenage girls she likes boys who wear skinny/tight jeans, shirts and caps. She has a thing for skater guys.
If she were to smell a bottle of Amortentia, she would be able to smell freshly cut grass, the smell of wood burning, freshly cooked bread and vanilla.

HEIGHT Five foot three inches.
WEIGHT 100 pounds.
EYES Violet has naturally sky blue eyes, although many tend to argue she is wearing contacts, but she is not. They are quite large but she always emphasises them by wearing dark eyeshadow and heavy eyeliner/mascara.
FACIAL FEATURES Violet has a very freckly area over her nose and slightly on her cheeks but she always wears enough makeup to cover it unless she is completely comfortable around you.
HAIR Violet usually lets her long, peroxide blonde hair hang naturally in waves around her face and shoulders. She is too lazy to bother with her hair because there is so much of it. She always has a sweeping fringe covering part of her face because she thinks that it addes mystery to her persona.
Sometimes she likes to put her hair up in a loose ponytail, but this is only when it is annoying her or getting in her eyes too much, and sometimes she curls all of it into tight curls.
CLOTHING STYLE Most of the time Violet can be seen wearing extreme outfits which often cause others to raise an eyebrow. She loves wearing skin tight leather look leggings or skin tight jeans which she likes to team with flat plimsolls, or a relaxing pair of Vans or hightops.
However, when she is not expecting to bump into anyone in the corridors, or when she is back home with her family, she will often wear tracksuit bottoms, Nike dunks, New Era caps, or some less tight skinny jeans.
Violet always tries to make an effort when she knows that she may be seeing people, and she always looks immaculate when going to a special occasion such as a ball, by wearing floor length satin gowns to impress.
OH, AND ALSO Violet will always be seen wearing a silver pendant around her neck. The pendant is of an angel (although she is not sure which one) and it is important to her because her muggle Grandfather gave it to her before he died.

MOTHER Violet’s mother is named Susan. Susan is a muggle and was born in a small town in England, near Nottingham. She was born and raised by two business people who were rarely there and was mostly cared for by a nanny. Because of this, Susan has always been very caring and over protective of Violet because she doesn’t want her to feel unloved like she did. She is very nurturing and always spoils Violet whenever she spends time with her.
She runs her own muggle advertising business and lives a normal muggle life, despite the fact that she is linked to the magic world. She is much organised and likes to have total control over everything which slightly irritates Violet. Susan likes to flaunt her well established business and the profit she has gained from it by driving around in the flashiest cars (a Lexus) and by only wearing designer clothes.
Susan has a very strong relationship with everyone in her family, including her mother who is now retired. After the loss of her Father due to lung cancer, her mother decided it was time to quit her job and spend more time with her family. She enjoys going for romantic weekends away with her husband, huge family gatherings and fun days out with everyone.
Susan is around five foot four inches and is relatively similar to Violet. She too has peroxide blonde hair but chooses to style it in a short, spiky chop with a feathered fringe. She likes to wear tailored suits at work but in her leisure time she will be seen in designer jeans, jewellery and a loose fitting shirt or a designer summer dress.
FATHER Michael is Violet’s father and he is currently 43 years of age; 5 years older than Susan. His parents were both pure blood and they were all (including Michael) in Ravenclaw. His parents ran their own second hand shop for witches and wizards who couldn’t afford to buy brand new equipment etc for Hogwarts. This was only a small business, despite having many offers to expand it, because they felt that raising their family was more important.
Michael has two older sisters and one older brother. He is very close to his sister Felicia who is only three years older than him and they meet regularly. They even work together in the Education department at the Ministry of Magic.
Michael is a very conscientious, smart and loyal man, and a complete family man. He would quit his drop this minute if it meant he would spend all his time with his wife and children Unlike his wife, he is not too concerned with the amount of money they have but he loves the fact that his wife is so driven to be successful. Michael likes living in the muggle country side in their five bedroom house, despite only having one child. He likes the fact that he can escape magic at times and just live a normal life, like his wife. He likes to wear his wizard robes on top of his suit when he is at work but in his spare time he will be seen in cargo pants and a t-shirt and very muggle looking clothes.
Michael and Violet have a very loving relationship and despite the fact that Susan is so nurturing towards Violet, she will always be a “daddy’s girl” at heart. He dotes on his daughter and will always be there for her whenever she calls or if she needs help.
BRIEF HISTORY Michael completed his studies at Hogwarts by achieving all O’s and E’s in his exams, an achievement which he likes to flaunt on the odd occasion. He decided to take a break after his studies to explore the muggle world and travel across the United Kingdom. He first chose to visit Scotland, where he stayed for two weeks before he got bored of the sights and the accent. After this he travelled downwards and finally made his way to Nottingham. He stayed in Nottingham much longer due to the fact that he met Muggle born Susan Copper in a bar. They hit off instantly and she thought that Michael was an ordinary, but slightly odd, person and did not suspect that he would be a wizard at all, well why should she? Michael and Susan exchanged numbers and met up for a coffee date a couple of days after their first meeting. It was during this time that Michael thought he would explain to Susan that he was in fact a wizard and despite her initial shock and probing questions, they managed to get over the hurdle.
However, Michael needed to continue his journey across the United Kingdom, and even though they had met merely a few days earlier, he promised to return to Susan afterwards. So he went on his way across England, meeting new people and even a couple of wizards who are still his friends now (Fernius and Rodger are his two best buddies) and they helped him to raise enough English money to travel back to Nottingham, buy a house and an engagement ring for Susan. Their families both thought it was silly for them to get married and settled down so quickly after meeting, but there was nothing that could change either of their minds. They married on October 28th and not so shortly afterwards moved into their new house.
During the first two years of their marriage, Susan and Michael argued quite intensely because Susan didn’t understand why Michael would always be concerned with issues going on in the wizarding world when he no longer associated with it. However, when Michael admitted he was going to work in the Ministry of Magic they had a brief separation and Susan did have a fling with another man (unbeknown to Violet). Despite these issues, Michael and Susan recovered their marriage and not so long after Susan set up her own business with her friend Angela.
Violet was born after Susan and Michael had settled into their new home and were blissfully happy. Susan’s business was going well and was growing rapidly, Michael’s job was going well and he was heading for a promotion. They could not have been happier. But sadness hit the family when a year after Violet’s birth, Susan suffered a miscarriage and was then later told that she would never be able to have children again. Susan suffered tremendous depression after this but, with the help of her husband and family, gained the strength to go on and worked harder to provide a life for Violet that meant she knew she would always be loved.

Buxton, Violet Miakoda Title3
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Hello, I'm Sinead and before I took a break from Neopets 3 years ago, I was an avid Roleplayr on more than 3 different websites. I try to make sure that my posts are always as detailed as possible because it allows other people to make a reply easily. I might be a bit rusty at first but I'll try to get into the swing of things as soon as I can. If anyone wants to make a plot with my character, feel free to message me on the RP forum or neomail me, or feel free to talk to me for a chat

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PostSubject: Re: Buxton, Violet Miakoda   Buxton, Violet Miakoda EmptyMon Jul 11, 2011 9:54 am

Very good history, Sinead! I'm impressed. I feel like she'll have a good role in the upcoming plot!
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Buxton, Violet Miakoda
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