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 Tyler James

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Jamie Porter

Jamie Porter

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PostSubject: Tyler James   Sun Jul 18, 2010 8:20 pm

Name: Tyler James
Roleplayed By:Neuvelle
House: Gryffindor
Blood Type: Pure Blood
Age: 17
Birthday: April 15th

About: Overall Tyler really is about anyone's dream guy, that they just can't help but think about. He is handsome and mysterious, yet when you talk to him you can tell he isn't full of himself like some other guys would be. Which in turn usually makes more girls fall over him, but he stay dedicated to his true best friends, which happen to be girls.

Loving, caring, kind, what else could you want from a man? He trys to be them all and most of the time he succeds as long as you don't push him over the edge about something he will be fine. Just a fine nice kind guy that wouldn't hurt a fly as long as you don't make him. When you do make him made he won't be afarid to tell you what is what and maybe even dish out a few punches. And after that, he will hold a grudge aganist you for a long time. Until he admits that he was wrong, it goes the other way, or they both cave in. Depending on who gets in a fight with him depends on how fast he will cave in.

Tyler is lonely, independent or whatever you would like to call him. Not really shy or anything just lonely. He does have friends, but he likes to be alone, independent. He makes sure he makes time in his day to be away from everyone and everything. He might just lay in his dorm and dorm nothing, or he might find a nice place to write at. No matter he always has time for just him. And if someone comes in and ruins that time, that is when he gets angry and makes them leave. But if Ryan can't seem to find time for himself he will gladly not do his homework to make some time for it.

Cry me a river and build a bridge and get over it. That is definitely not Tyler's motto for when he gets injured. He has to be about the biggest baby when it comes to an injury. It could be anything from a paper cut to a broken le, but no matter what he will complain about it. At first he will try to act tough, but if never works for him, especially if he sees one of his friends around. He will then start to make it a bigger deal then what it really is. He just wants attention from people, so he feels like he belongs more then he really feels. But it is really the reason why he was put into Gryffindor that is starting to show.
hair»» "My hair goes through so many different stages. However, for the most part I like to keep it pretty short and spiky; sometimes thought I will completely shave it or let it get out of hand, but that doesn't happen very often."
eyes»» "For the most part my eyes are blue. Some days they might be brighter then others, but they always stay blue."
body type»» "Overall I must say that I have an athletic build. I am pretty tall six feet, and even though it is nobody’s business I weigh 200 pounds."
distinguishing features»» "My eyes always seem to pop out, and I have a couple scars here and there. One is behind my ear and another would be from about the middle of my forehead and goes down by about an inch."

picture: TBA
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Tyler James
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